Top 10 Jailbreak Winterboard Themes for iOS7 and iOS8

This Sunday, Winterboard for iOS 7 and iOS 8 was updated and now the trend of Winterboard jail break themes is in the air! Developers need to act very fast, as many themes are arriving each day and the competition is really very tough. Though, I am more than sure that there are many great themes that I will miss today, however, here are presented the best top 10 jailbreak Winterboard themes for iOS 7 and iOS 8.


Jailbreak Winterboard themes for IOS 7


1. Clarity



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As, nowadays one of the hottest trends is the simplicity, people tend to search for simple themes as well. So, Clarity is one of the best and simplest Winterboard themes that can be used in iOS 7. One of the disadvantages of this theme is that non-themed icons are standing out, so the whole look of theme can be destroyed. However, there is a solution for that. Themed icons can be put on Home screen and non-themed icons can be put on the other pages. Though there is a disadvantage in this theme, I am sure that people will use it because of its great design.


2. Oil7



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Another Winterboard theme that really stands out is Oil7. It is a redesigned version of Flat7 with an oil-based paint finish. Oil7 has some additional icons that Flat7 hadn’t so it is much more useful.


3. M’flat



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If you are somewhat familiar with winterboard themes, you have surely heard about M’flat, which is one of the best ones ever. It is a theme with classical touch and the colors of this theme are really wonderful, they are mute and the shapes of icons are rounded rectangulars. In addition, in the back of the icons, you can see very natural themes that fill the whole theme.


4. 0bscure 7



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For those, who don’t like the colors of iOS 7 and think that these colors are too childish, probably Obscure 7 is just a perfect theme for them. It is a black and white Winterboard theme which has a very classic and solid style. The backgrounds of the icons are in black and all the icons are in white.


5. Kiki



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Kiki is another Winterboard theme, which stands out from others with its circular icons. So, this is the theme for those people who thought that it would be better if the icons of iOS 7 were in circle forms.


Jailbreak Winterboard themes for IOS 8


6. Andora



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I think that one of the  wonderful iOS 8 winterboard themes that will be released this week is Andora. This theme is unique due to its soft and calm colors. There are nearly 130 theme icons and the theme is available for all iPhones above iPhone 5.


7. Aelon



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If you love transparency, then this theme is just for you. This theme has about 180 transparent icons that will stand out in their simplicity.


8. Lasso



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If you want your iOS 8 to be in a warm, fun interface, then Lasso theme is just for you! It is a new, colorful and friendly Winterboard jailbreak theme that is unique because of its colors and about 125 themed icons.


10. 1ONE



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1One which is an updated Winterboard jailbreak theme, is available both on iOS 7 and iOS 8 jailbreak. This theme has about 250 bright, fun colored theme icons. 1One is  suitable for  all iOS7 and iOS8 iPhones except iPhone 6 Plus.


11. Gliese



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If you like flat design, including flat icons, Gliese is a Winterboard jailbreak theme that you should consider. It’s a great theme in the flat design and has a very unique interface. This theme is made only for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


So, here are the best 10 Winterboard jailbreak themes that will create a whole new interface for your iOS 7 or iOS 8. Do you have other great themes in your mind? If so, please share with us and let us enjoy them as well.


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