Classic license


This is a legal agreement between you, the purchaser, and Icons Mind. By downloading or purchasing the ‘Icons Mind’ from our website, you agree to the following:

With our License, you will receive full permissions that will allow you to use these icons for commercial or personal projects as many times as you want and by as many users as possible without any time limit.



  • All the icon packs come with extended license that covers a whole company need with unlimited projects and users.
  • Use these icons for project including templates, web design, advertising, applications, themes for sale, gaming, print, logo and software.
  • Use these icons for any commercial or personal project.
  • Use these icons on templates and themes for websites like ThemeForest, Template Monster, HTML or WordPress theme.
    * For one license that you buy you can use it for one theme only and you will be able to sale this theme for unlimited download and websites.
  • You can customize the color, shape, size, and file format of the icons to better serve your commercial and personal projects.
  • Use these icons as SVG icons or fonts, get them edited, print them, add links to them, and much more.
  • You can use as many icons as you want on your online or offline commercial or personal project. You won’t have to purchase an additional license in order to do so.


  • Resell, rent, transfer, sub-license, or make these icons available for use, unless you are given written permission from Icons Mind.
  • Sell or license the icons from Icon Mind that you have customized or altered according to your specifications.

Failure to comply with the Extended License Agreement will result in legal action taken against you, the purchaser, by Icons Mind.

Look for different license ?
You have big website or app and you want to offer for your users also the option to use the icons as library ?
For example you have website builder and you want that your users will be able also to use icons from your library inside the editor.
Also if you look for other extended license just contact us at support@iconsmind
And will arrange for you the license that you need.

How to use our free icons
* To use our free icons requires attribution and a link to the website from your website or your app’s.