About Us

Icons Mind is where all the great icons are, all of them.
With so many services providing top notch collection of icons, one can easily get overwhelmed.

But that’s not an issue worth thinking about when you are covered
with Icons Mind. Icons Mind is the most comprehensive solution to all your icon needs that are sharp and perfect to each pixel.

We take pride in creating high end icons that can be used for your mobile apps, web design, user interface for your services, and much more. With over 53 different categories of icons for you to choose from, you can rest assured that all your needs are met with us.

Our mission

To help achieve your goals with our range of unique and high quality icons

At Icons Mind, we strive to create visually pleasing and flat icons that can help our customers fulfill their needs. Icons are becoming popular in modern web and graphic design and we as a company realize their growing importance. We provide icons on a grid system, with each grid containing over 2000 unique icons that can cater to all your needs. Our team is passionate about their work and delivers custom orders to further improve customer experience.

The team

To help achieve your goals with our range of unique and high quality icons

Norbert Kucsera
The artist of the company

Norbert Kucsera is a professional Digital Artist at Icons Mind and brings years of experience and resourcefulness to the table. A master of the Illustrator, there are no orders that Norbert cannot meet and there are absolutely no boundaries to his creative work and inspiration. A visually driven artist with a love of adventure and his dog Kira, graphic design and creating appealing icons is what Norbert is best known for. In his free time, Norbert is seen bike riding, wall climbing, training dogs, and doing everything else that an extrovert does. When Tal is out of reach, he knows that Norbert will get the job done and the customer will leave satisfied.

Nick Jones

Icons management

Nick Jones is one of those guys that every friendly workplace needs to make sure all ends meet. Nick is responsible for handling our clients and giving them technical support on our icons. He is the reason why we are an up and coming service, and it’s the way he convinces our clients that really makes him standout. Nick also has experience in marketing which really helps boost our online presence. We are not just a team of four people. In reality, we are much more than that. We are professionals from different backgrounds in life but with one goal only which is to provide our customers with the best possible products and customer support.