20 Best Christmas Resources For Designers



Christmas is already in the air, and as all the people around the world, designers get prepared for it as well. How? Well, they design Christmas cards, websites, wallpapers and other things for you. So, if you are a designer, and you want to have some great Christmas resources for your design works, here are 20 best ones for you.




1. IconsMind

Probably the best icons that can be offered for Christmas design are in this great resource – IconsMind.




2. Smashing Magazine

This is a wonderful resource, where you will see many diverse Christmas themed wallpapers which will give a unique design to your desktop or projects.


3. Hongkiat

Another great source, where you will be able to see other wallpapers  that are in Christmas mood is Hongkiat.


4. Crestock

With 16 wonderful  wallpapers, you can add a Christmas mood to your computer or to your project design as well.


WordPress Themes


5. Developer Fox

This source is for those designers who want to give their website a fairy mood. Developer Fox gives you the opportunity to find about 16 free Christmas WordPress themes.


6. SheepTech

Another resource for finding some wonderful WordPress themes is the SheepTech, which gives you the chance to give your website-blog a Christmas mood.


7. Pulse2

Here is another great place, where you can discover nearly 45 best WordPress  themes to apply to your blog during the holidays.


Photoshop Brushes


8. 1stWebDesigner

It is a resource, where you can find as many brushes as you want, for any taste that you want.


9. Web Resources Depot

It is a wonderful package for designers who want to have all the things in one place. This resource includes many brushes, vector pictures and some online courses of Photoshop.


10. Observin

With the help of Observin you can discover some great Christmas brushes and online lessons, that will make you trendy during Christmas.


11. Photoshop Roadmap

Photoshop Roadmap collected another great collection of about 30 Christmas brushes and tutorials for designers. In addition, for all brushes that are placed in this resource, there is no need to pay for.


12. Gosublogger

Finally, the last resource that offers about 16 Christmas brushes is Gosublogger.


Photoshop Tutorials


13. Toxel

In order for you to fully get prepared for the Christmas, you should visit here and access some great Photoshop Tutorials.


14. StayUpdate

If you want to have experienced skills in your holiday design projects,you can visit this resource and access about 30 free Photoshop tutorials.


15.  My Ink Blog

Another great resource for Christmas related Tutorials is the My Ink Blog.


16. Smashing Magazine

Besides that Smashing Magazine has many Christmas wallpapers as we already mentioned, it also has almost 65 Christmas photoshop tutorials as well.




17. Dafonts

Dafonts offers about 75 Christmas font options, for which there is no need for you to pay.


18.  Woork

Woork offers about ten Christmas font options which are free as well.


19. Font River

Here, in Font River,  you can find about twenty original  and creative fonts that will fill your projects with Christmas mood.

20. Simple Thoughts

Finally, the last resource to access the best 20 fonts of Christmas is Simple Thoughts.


So, here are the best 20 Christmas resources, which any designers can use in order to create the best and the most creative design projects for the upcoming holidays. Do you think there are other great resources not mentioned here? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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