25 Fun Christmas Apps for iOS and Android


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Christmas is near us and it’s the best time to celebrate the most joyful, happy period of the year. Different people wait for this holiday for different reasons. Some wait for it because of the winter, some wait for it because of the delicious food they eat and others wait for it because of the presents that they get and give. Before the beginning of the holidays, people start decorating everything in creative ways. However besides this, during this year’s preparations, you can try decorating your phone as well. For it, you need to download some Christmas themed apps. So, today we will introduce the best Christmas applications for both iOS and Android users.


Christmas applications for iOS


1. 12 days of Christmas

You can try taking some Christmas videos and sing some melodies with this wonderful application.
Price: $1.99


2. 101 Christmas cake ideas

If cake baking is the responsibility of yours, this application should be in your smartphone.With it, you  may access 101 cake decoration examples that will shake your imagination and as well as your creativity.
Price: Free


3. Appy Christmas

Now, you have the chance to speak to Santa Claus and see how he repeats your sayings in a funny voice. Moreover, you can play on his nerves by poking or stroking him and see how he will react.
Price: Free


4. Arthur Christmas: Elf Run Premium

It’s a great game, where you are an elf and your aim is distributing different gifts to the kids without waking them up.
Price: $1.99


5. Christmas Advent Calendar

Are you impatient to celebrate the best holiday of the year ? Countdown until Christmas with this creative and awesome application!
Price: Free


6. Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes

Here, you can make some joyful dances with the others. Moreover, you may write Christmas messages and put them in the globe.
Price: Free


7. GlowTunes Christmas

With GlowTunes you may decorate some Christmas trees by expanding your designing skills.
Price: Free


8. Twas The Night Before Christmas

It’s a great app for children, as they can read a very beautiful poem from the application. However, if they do not know reading yet, it is not a problem, as you may read for them by recording your voice in the application.
Price: $3.99


9. ICaroler

It’s an app, that provides you the chance to sing with others, as there exist many Christmas songs here.
Price: Free


10. Yummy Christmas

It may be surprising for you, but your little kids can help you very much in Christmas dish preparations. Just download this application and let them learn the easiest recipes, which will be very interesting for them.
Price: Free


11. Where’s Santa?

Wanna see where is Santa Claus right at the moment? You can find it out and see what he’s doing. It is especially useful app for children, as they can easily learn many parts of the world.
Price: Free


12. Letters To Santa Claus

If your children would like to write letters to Santa, then you should download this app. They can write letters to him and write how well they behaves during the year and what they want for Christmas. After some time they will get a response from Santa.
Price: Free


13. Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure

It’s a multiple task game, where you must construct a town in order to save the holidays from the ice prince who is trying to ruin it.
Price: Free


14. Santa in the city 3D

If you dream of riding Santa’s sleigh very high above the city, it is possible with the help of this app, which seems to realistic very much, because of the 3D format.
Price: Free


15. Snowball Fight

It’s a great game, where you must throw snowballs at your enemies and you have to try avoiding the snowballs that come to your direction.
Price: $0.99


Christmas applications for Android


16. Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

This app makes it possible for you to access different Christmas Wallpapers.

Price: Free


17. 100 Christmas Gifts

Like a great present, this app includes many Christmas themed puzzle games and other little games as well.
Price: Free


18. Christmas Ringtones

There are collected many beautiful Christmas ringtones, in order for you to get in a holiday mood when your phone is ringing.
Price: Free


19. Christmas Countdown

It’s a Christmas countdown app, where the wait for Christmas becomes enjoyable and attracting.
Price: Free


20. Christmas Games

There are nearly 7 Christmas games in this application. However, the good side of it consists in a fact that it is created to develop the imaginative and coordination skills of people.
Price: Free


21. Christmas snow

It’s a Christmas wallpaper app for Android users. The best part is that wallpapers fit all the screen sizes of all phones.
Price: Free


22.  Angry Chicken: Christmas

If you get stressed very often, this app is for you. Your aim here is to gather as many eggs as you may. However the challenge is that you cannot drop them. I can ensure that it is a good way of calming your nerves.
Price: Free


23. Fruited Xmas

It’s a game, where you must have three or more fruits in the same won in order to remove them.
Price: Free


24. Greedy Pigs X’mas

Here, you must be the one who defends Santa from all his enemies. You should build some things and ensure that Santa is safe.
Price: Free


25. Bubble Blast Holiday

All you need to do in this game is clearing all the bubbles that appear on your screen. However, it requires some consideration, if you wanna win it.
Price: Free
So, here are the 25 funny and useful Christmas applications for both iOS and Android users. These apps will make your mood more festy and will help you prepare for the holidays in best ways.


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