How to Use Snapchat on Android and iOS and What Do the Different Icons Mean


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With about 250 mln users, Snapchat is becoming one of the used social apps in the whole app world. This app is both used in Apple and in Android. It’s an app, with which you are able to send photos, videos, messages to many people. The uniqueness of this app consists in a thing, the sent snaps are automatically deleted after people see them. These snaps are deleted usually after ten seconds or even less. So, if you still don’t use snapchat, today we are going to introduce you a guide on usage of this app both on iOS and Android and show the meanings of different icons in this app. So, here are the steps:


1. Downloading Snapchat App

No matter which system you use, iOS or Android, you are able to download the app from both stores. This app is not a paid one.


2. Signing up

After installing the app, just sign up. You just need to write your email, pass and age. Remember, that in order to sign up,you should to be more than thirteen. After entering this info, you must write a username, which is the name by which people will find you. Be careful to choose a good one, because you will not be able to replace it in the future. After this, write your phone number, in order for Snapchat to find your friends.


3. Adding contacts

When you enter your phone number, a list which will contain contacts will be automatically created. Here, you are able to add your own contact by taping the + icon near their names. However, if there are people you would like to add and they are not in your contact list, you can search them in the search bar. After adding them, they will add you back and the conversation between you can be started.


4. Taking photo and video

If you would like to take picture and video in Snapchat, you just need go to the general screen of Snapchat and press the button. In case of pictures, you need to press it one time, in case of videos, you must tap it and hold it in order to record the video.


5. Editing the snaps

When you are done with taking photos or videos, it is the right time to edit , as there are many editing tools in this app. For example, you can add some drawings in the pictures, you can add captions or apply some filters.


6. Setting the duration

As I mentioned earlier, after seeing the snap usually in ten seconds, it’s automatically deleted. However, you are able to change this duration by yourself. You can make it shorter or longer.


7. Sending the snap

After doing the previous steps, now you can send the snap to one or many users. If you have been using this app for a long time, there will be automatically created a “most recent” list, where those friends will be included, with who you chat the most. However, if you just started using it, you just need to scroll the list of your contacts and select people.


8. Viewing the snap

When you get snaps, you will receive notifications as well. You should enter the app and there you will see a square icon, which shows how many snaps are there. To view them, you need to press on them and hold them as long as you want to view them. In addition, there is a countdown part, which shows how much time is left for viewing. Remember, that after this time, you will not be able to see the snaps again.


9. Chatting with friends

Before chatting, you should be sure that person is online. Like everything in this app, text messages don’t last forever. You can view them as long as you are on the screen. After leaving it, you cannot see them again. However, if you want to save the messages, you can just make screenshots.


10. Making video chats

Besides charring via messages, you can also chat with people via videos. In order to do so, all you need to do is pressing and holding the chat button.


11. Blocking contacts

If you would like to block someone, you just need to go to the contact select the icon near the contact’s name and choose block/delete option.


Meanings of different icons

Sent Icons

support14.3    The snap is sent with no sound

support15.0  The snap is sent with sound

support15.6  The chat message is sent


Opened Icons

support14.6  The snap with no sound is opened

support14.9  The snap with sound is opened

support15.5  The chat message is opened


Received Icons

support14.4  Snaps received have no sound

support15.1  Snaps received have sound

support16.2 Chat message is received


  Viewed Icons

support14.5  The snap with no sound is viewed

support15.2  The snap with sound is viewed

support16.1  The chat message is viewed


Screenshot Icons

support14.7  The snap with no sound is screenshotted

support15.3  The snap with sound is screenshotted

support15.9  The chat message is screenshotted


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