15 Amazing Jailbreak Apps for iOS 8


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With the jailbreak of iOS 8, many apps, features and tweaks have come, that you have dreamed of. There are different applications like this and it’s quite difficult to check all them out, in order to see which ones are worth having. So, to make your work much easier, we will introduce you 15 amazing jailbreak apps for iOS 8, that you should download in order to fully use your iPhone.


1. Untethered Hey Siri

We are all familiar with “Hey Siri”, which allows you accessing Siri without your hands, just by calling her. It’s also known that this function does not work when the iPhone is plugged to power. However, with the great “Untethered Hey Siri” you may call her even if it is plugged.


2. Winterboard

Sometimes you may think that it would be much better if iPhone had different themes. Now, with Winterboard it’s not a desire anymore. There are many wallpapers, keyboards, backgrounds, that will change the way your iPhone looks.


3. HideMe8

There are many things that we don’t like in iOS 8. However HideMe8 is here to help us. It helps us hiding apps, features, elements, icons, texts and other things what we do not like.


4. iBlacklist

If you get much spam from some people and you do not want to see their messages and calls anymore, you can use the iBlacklist app. It lets you putting as many people as you would like in the black list and never let them call you again.


5. MyWi

This app lets you tether your iPhone, regardless of the fact if you pay for the carrier or no. Though it is a $20 app, it is really worth it, if you want to tether your phone.


6. ForceGoodFit

If you bought a jailbroken iPhone 6 or Plus, there may be some apps that will do fit the big screens and you are probably nervous because of it. However, with ForceGoodFit you can optimize these apps and make them look great in your new iPhone.


7. iFile

iFile is another great app, that lets you open any kind of file that you want, lets moving files, editing them, unpacking ZIP ones and even downloading MP3 songs.


8. Slide2Kill8

If you have too many apps opened and you hate closing them all one by one, now this app is just for you. It closes all the apps with one touch and there is no need for you to close them all individually.


9. DetailedBatteryUsage

In iOS 8, there is a great feature that shows which apps are eating your battery. However, if you want more statistics and you want to go deeper, this app is for you. It has many graphs that show you much information about your battery.


10. Bytafont

Bytafont is a great app, that allows you to download many different types of fonts that you want. There are many choices available, and you can choose whichever you want. Whether you do not like iPhone’s font or if you are tired of it, now you change the way your iPhone looks.


11. ReachApp

If you like doing multiple things at once, then this app is designed for you! With ReachApp, you may do multiple things in your iPhone, for instance by opening more than 2 apps on your screen at once.


12. iCleaner

If you have storage problems, then iCleaner will definitely help you. It deletes unimportant files from iPhone, such as SMS attachments, cookies, application cache and so on.


13. CleverPin

If you put a password to your iPhone because of some reasons, however you are tired of entering it every time , especially when you are at home, CleverPin will solve it. It turns off your pass code when the iPhone is connected to known WIFI networks.


14. Cydget

There are many ways your Lock Screen can look great with Cydget. Check it out, and see how you may change your Lock Screen, by raising time bars, putting weather icons and so on.


15. FlipControlCenter

With Control Center you may access the most important things easily. However, if you would like to add more things there, you can do it with FlipControlCenter. Keep in your mind that there is limited spaces and you can add limited things.


So, here are 15 amazing jailbreak apps for iOS 8, which will change the way your iPhone looks and operates. If there are other great ones not mentioned here, please let us know by leaving comments in the section below.


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