Top 7 Business Advantages of Having Resposive Web Design




Responsive website designs are the ones that work smoothly on all devices, such as smartphones or tablets. As these devices have smaller screens in comparison with laptops, this presents a huge challenge. The reason is that when people visit large screen optimized websites with their mobiles, it often makes them irritated. So, nowadays, it’s crucial to offer your audience positive experience every time they visit your website, especially with mobile phones. So, responsive design website does exactly that, and here you can find some 7 business advantages of implementing it.


1. Google recommends it for a better SEO

Responsive web design is considered to be the best thing in Google search results. The main point is that websites, which use this design, have one URL and HTML in all devices. Thus, in this case, it is easier for Google to collect information and provide users with the best alternative of content. So, if you are concerned about your SEO, start thinking about using this strategy.


2. Saves both time and money

If you compare the cost of maintaining a responsive website with the cost of having separate desktop and mobile website versions, you will clearly understand that you are both wasting your time and money. In addition, the cost of losing your customers, because of bad mobile access experience can make your reputation and brand image fall very quickly. So, having a responsive web design will be both cost-time efficient and will make your audience attached to your website.


3. Offers great customer experience

Though content is of the utmost importance, it is also important to take into account user experience, which keeps visitors to be on your site long enough in order to be converted to potential customers. Nowadays, the most important thing for people is to access any website they would like at any time and with any device. So, responsive web design ensures the perfect user experience, no matter they use laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart-Tv.


4. Encourages social sharing

One of the biggest problems of accessing websites is that, in the majority of cases, when someone shares content from the desktop in social media sites, people who use mobile devices are not able to watch them. The opposite is also true, when someone shares content from mobile. This is one of the frustrating things for every user and any website owner should consider about this.


5. Eliminates the need to analyze different reports

If you have website versions for laptops and for smartphones, it takes too long to analyse all the things, like, tracking the visitors or conversions, measuring ROI and so on. However, if you take an advantage of responsive web design, all you need to do is analyzing sole report, which will enable fast monitoring.


6. Duplicate content is not a problem anymore

If you have both website versions of laptop and mobile, and if you share content in both versions, Google will consider as a duplicate content. You should really worry about this, because it hugely reduces your search rankings. However, if you use responsive web design, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


7. Get ahead of your competitors

Nowadays, less than 2 % of websites are optimized for smartphones, left alone the responsive design. So, it’s a really great opportunity to have a competitive advantage by being among first ones, who use a responsive web design.

So, now, after reading this article, are you convinced that as a website owner you should start thinking about responsive web design? Or, do you already use it? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below.


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