The Advantages of Icon Fonts


Icon fonts are font files that, instead of some letters or numbers are filled with icons and graphs. In order to use an icon font, you just need to embed the icon webfont, then select the icon from character-map and type the letter or number. So, in this article, you can find some icon font advantages that are just awesome.

Icon fonts are just a modern way of using iconography, which is more flexible. The awesome thing about icons is that they have very small-file sizes, especially when you use many of them. In addition, these icons have full CSS styling capability and cross browser compatibility.

In addition to these great capabilities, there are also some other benefits of Icon Fonts.


1. Performance

As a font file is very small it means that there is a need for just one HTTP request on the server.


2. Aesthetics

Because, icon font characters are vectors, this means that they look well even in high pixel-density displays.


3. Change of the size

Another great advantage is that the size of these icon fonts can be changes in a few minutes, and there is no need for Photoshop


4. Effects

Any CSS effect that is applicable to fonts, for example text-shadows, can also be applicable for font icons.


5. Workflow effectivity

Its too efficient and effective, as you can avoid to generate sprites and manually position various sized images and this will definitely save your time and efforts. After discovering the advantages of icon fonts, I’m more than sure that you want to generate some fonts. So here are the most known and useful icon font generators

So, here are the most important advantages of icon fonts. Do you have others in your mind? Share with us in the comments below.


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