10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iOS 8


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iOS 8 is considered to be the best operating system ever, and there are reasons for it. It has many features, great apps, awesome functionality and it is easy for using. It is already 5 months that iOS 8 was released, and you may think that you master it. However, there are some things, that you do not know  and these things will make you love iOS 8 more. So, today we are going to introduce 10 things that you don’t know about iOS 8.


1. Recognize songs with Siri

Now, instead of entering a Shazam app in order to recognize the song that is playing, you may ask Siri to do it instead of you by asking her which song is playing. The artist and song names will appear on the screen, and there will be a link linking you  to the iTunes to buy it.


2. Check which apps eat your battery

Now, with iOS 8, you can understand why your battery is decreasing so fast. For doing so, just tap Settings, General, Usage and Battery Usage. You can see the results for the past day and for the past week.


3. Use Siri without hands

Now, you may call Siri without having your iPhone in your hands. You can call her for example while driving and ask for a task to do. Just say “Hey Siri” and it will be opened for you.


4. Hide pictures

Are there photos you would like to hide from someone? Now you can! Just tap on the picture, hold it and you will see “Hide Photos” option. Later, you can view that picture in your Hidden Album.


5. Scan a credit card

Do you make purchases with your iPhone? If yes, you are probably tired of writing your card details every single time. Now , you can just shoot your card, instead of manually writing. Just choose “scan credit card” above the keyboard and it will record the info.


6. Black/White mode

If you would like to make your iPhone in a retro style, you can do so with your iOS 8. Just go to the “General”, tap “Settings” and apply “Grayscale”. In this case, all the colors of your iPhone will disappear and it will be in black and white.


7. Timed selfies

Since iOS 8, there was no option for you to take timed selfies. Now, you may have some time to prepare, before taking a photo. Just tap on the clock icon in the camera, choose seconds, and your picture will be taken after certain seconds. In addition, if you would like to have many photos, just select “Burst Mode” and your camera will automatically take photos one after another.


8. Reply messages from notification centre

It is really annoying, when you play a game, surf on the internet and a message comes, which you should reply only after exiting the current app. Now it is not like this, because you can reply the messages just from the notification center.


9. Group messages

Now you will be able to chat via messages with not only one person, but with a group. Just choose the contacts and start a conversation with them. There are options like muting a conversation, leaving it and so on.


10. Organize the iBooks

Now, with iOS 8, you can organize your iBooks according to categories, series, title, author, genre and so on.

So, here are 10 things that you probably did not know about iOS 8. Are you excited? Or do you think these are useless features? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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