Hottest App Design Trends for UX Designers


Every year, many design trends come and go and 2015 is not an exception as well. In spite of the fact, that it is just the beginning of 2015, the trends of app design for UX designers are already here! So, today we are going to introduce you the hottest app design trends, that UX designers should master, in order to get successful results. So, here we go…


1. Swiping options

Screens are not just for touching it, you should add also some swiping options. For example, they can be used to go back, to get to the menu, to delete some items, to share, to like and so on. Swiping options increase the efficiency and create more comfortable usage, because larger spaces can be used for a function.


2. Large screens

You have definitely noted, that smartphones are getting larger and larger. Even a smartphone like iPhone follows this trend, so you should follow it as well. People now need apps that will be compatible with their big smartphones. So you should design your app in a way, that will be useful in big phones.


3. Simpler colors

A great design is the one, that is attractive, has calm colors and can be caught in 3 seconds. Bright colors can distract users and can make them nervous. You should just use some simpler colors in your apps and use some bright ones to highlight specific buttons and places. Using a combination of colors like this will attract users and lead them to some specific actions.


4. Deep design

The trends of the past few years were all about the simplicity and flat design. This trend is going to continue in 2015 as well, however some depth should be added. You can create some buttons or objects that can look flat, but there are some ways you can give them a physical presence. You can make the objects deeper by the usage of transparency and layers.


5. Visual clarity

As already mentioned, if you want to get the user’s attention, your design should very clear. One of the ways to make your design clearer, is to use blocks and spaces instead of lines.  If you use spaces and blocks, it will be  clearer for user to understand which parts are designed for clicking and which are not.


6. Hidden menus

Though smartphones are getting larger and larger, it does not mean that you can add as many buttons as you want, because the functionality will suffer. So, instead of adding buttons, you should hide them, and make them appear whenever they are needed. For example, you may hide the menu at the right part of the screen and make it available only when users swipe it.


7. Blurred backgrounds

If you have something written, and you want to catch user’s attention to it, you should add a blurred background to that text. The reason is that when the text is on the blurred background, it is more visible and eye-catching.

So, here are the hottest app design trends for UX designers for 2015. Are there other trends not mentioned here? Share them with us in the comments below.


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