15 Tips for Great Mobile UX


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Mobile user experience is very important if you want to be successful. Great UX is something that creates a difference between good apps and bad apps. So, if you want to be successful with your mobile ux, today we are going to introduce you 15 tips for great mobile UX.


1. Don’t mix mobile UX with web UX

It is important to understand that mobile UX is another thing that web UX. Things that are applied in web, won’t necessarily be applied in mobile. You should first of all understand the needs of your customers and build the mobile UX in that way.


2. Analyze your customers

Nowadays, there are 2 types of mobile users: hunters, those who look for a specific info and gatherers, those who are less concerned about specific info. If your users are hunters, you should just focus on necessary things and avoid any other destructions. If your users are gatherers, you should give them a variety of options.


3. Apply the 80/20 rule

You should know that 80% of your customers use only 20% of your app’s features. So, you should identify which part is that 20% and try to focus on that part, in order to make it easier, more comfortable and user-friendly.


4. Use different designs for different tasks

All your customers need to do some tasks, regardless if it is broad or specific. So, every feature of your app should help the users to accomplish their tasks and should not include any other distractions. So, make sure to use different design and functionalities of different tasks.


5. Use the right design for the right device

You should take into account that it is really different when people use laptop to navigate on your website and when they use mobile or tablet. So, you should make sure that your website would be both applicable for laptop and mobile use.


6. Don’t make it complex

You should also understand that mobile users don’t need too much information and they don’t need complexity. They need some simple steps, that will lead them to the things they want. So, instead of using too much things and making your app complex, make sure to create simple interface.


7. Make sure you use the right elements for right actions

Big companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple continuously do everything in order to make their customers’ work easier. That means that they do a lot of efforts in order to ensure that by pressing that button, customers will get the desired result. So, you should do like this as well. You should understand which elements lead to which actions and apply them in the right places.


8. Create a social login

If you create an app and it needs registration, make sure to add a social login, in order for your customers to not waste time on that. Make sure to allow them register by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. This will save them time and will give you some important data concerning them.


9. Improve user experience

You should think of ways that your UX can be improved with smart use of it. You should create some data that the customer does not even understand that they give it off. In this case you will be able to create awesome results.


10 Don’t put too much things in your design

This tip is connected with the simplicity tip. Make sure to not include unnecessary things in your app design. For example, make it easy for users to understand what is the next step for them. This will help them use your app more easily and with more pleasure.


11. Don’t ignore the search function

A smartphone user is prone to have something particular they are searching for and the search option ought to be clear from the begin. Add channels to permit clients to rapidly tight down their search, include “brilliant” search choices that will yield important results from a deficiently wrote expression, or auto-complete proposals to spare time inputting words.


12. Be flexible

You should take into account that your design that was awesome 5 years before, does not necessarily be like that nowadays. You should always be flexible and adapt to changes in order to satisfy the needs of your customers, otherwise they will leave you alone.


13. Use font icons

We all like icons, because they create a great design and complete it. So, in order to avoid using small icons, make sure to use some font icons.


14. Interact your users

Your users will be tired very soon if you don’t pay attention to them. Make sure to include some badges, comment space, reviews, posting and sharing options and other things in order to interact with them.


15. Make use of it, before you launch it

Finally, if you designed a great interface, app, website or something else, you should first of all use it by your own, in order to understand what is good and what is bad. In this case, you will be in a place of user and will better understand what needs to be changed.

So, here are great 15 tips for an awesome mobile UX. Do you have other tips in your mind? Please share them with us and let us create great UX.


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