How to Insert Social Media Icons into Your Email Signature


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You should definitely agree with me that nowadays every business, regardless of its size, should be present on social media sites. The reason is that it is absolutely free, it’s more than easy to use and it’s a great chance to increase the number of your customers. With your already existing email campaigns, it’s a great idea to have also Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram pages, in order to be visible everywhere. So, as we know, the best way to get noticed in social media sites is to get promoted! So, you should take every advantage to your favor and promote yourself everywhere. One of the best ways to do it, is putting your social media profiles’ links to the email signature.

In this post, we are going to show you the steps of putting these links in your email signature. We will describe the ways in Gmail, however the process is almost the same everywhere.


1.Find the icon of social media site


First of all, you should search for social media icons on the web and download the best ones. However, if your company has an icon designer, it will be better to ask him/her to create a new one, which will suit the needs of your company and will be original as well.


2. Create a signature


In order to create a signature, you should go to the “Settings” in the “General” part and select the “Signature” option. Usually email signatures consist of the person’s name, position, basic contact info, and website and so on.


3. Insert the icon in the signature


Now, it is time to insert the social media icons in your signature. In order to do it, you should click “Picture” tab and browse the icons that you have already downloaded. You can put these icons anywhere you want, however usually such icons are put below the contact information.


4. Add a hyperlink to your social media profiles


Finally, in order to get done, you should make the buttons work. In order to do it, you should add a hyperlink, that will lead people to your social media profiles.. To do so, you should click on the icon, select “Add a hyperlink” button, and just put there the URL of your pages.


That is all! Now you have new buttons in your email signature that will lead people to your social media profiles and will help you to get promoted.


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