10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Designers


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The reason that many people are just lovers of iPhone is not just the fact that it has a great design, but also the fact that iTunes store offers a great variety of applications for everyone. It doesn’t matter what profession you have, you will definitely find some useful applications for you in this store. Designers are not exception as well, because even for web designers who work with their computers, there are many great apps that can be useful for them. So, if you are a designer,  today we are going to introduce you 10 must have iPhone apps, that you should download right now.


1. iDesign

iDesign is a great app that lets you design and as well as to create some 2D illustrations and other drawings. The app has many great features, such as various layers, zooming functions and so on.

Price: $9.37


2. Dexigner

If you want to be familiar with all the latest news related to design world, then this application is just for you. Dexigner is an app, which contains news related to designing events, conferences, competitions and so on.

Price: Free


3. Sketches

Sometimes, an idea comes to your mind and you need to put it somewhere in order to not forget it. Sketches comes to help you in these cases. With this great app you can sketch whenever you want. With the help of its great features, such as brushes, shapes, colors and other things, sketching becomes easier and faster.

Price: Free


4. Adobe Ideas

With the help of this great app, you will have the opportunity to create great vector illustrations whenever you want. Adobe Ideas, with its great features, like customizable brushes,  has come to replace the traditional pens and papers for drawing vector illustrations.

Price: Free


5. ColorSchemer

ColorSchemer is an awesome app that lets you access about 1mln color palettes that were shared by app users. Besides this, with this app, you will be able to create your own color palettes from the pictures that you have in your iPhone.

Price: Free


6. Layers

Layers is a great painting app for iPhone, iPad, iPod users. Layers has everything in one place, when you want to create something creative. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional designer or just amateur, this app is for you!

Price: $6.07


7. Fuzel

Fuzel is an awesome application, that helps you to make your pictures great ones just in few minutes. Fuzel is more than just a photo editing app, because it has many great features. First of all, with this app, you will be able to create great collages. Secondly, another great feature is that you can create some animated photos and collages with the help of iTunes.

Price: Free


8. Caliper

Caliper is an awesome application, that helps you to take measurements wherever and whenever you would like. You just need to put the object on your iPhone or next to it, in order to take the sizes of it.

Price: $0.99


9. FontBook

With FontBook, iPhone users will be able to access about 37,000 typefaces from about 8,000 fonts and this is not the end! Now, you will be able to use this app with new searches, filters and categories, which will let you find the desired results as soon as possible.

Price: $4.99


10. Sketchworthy

Sketchworthy is a great app when it comes to sketches. It lets you manage sketches, notes and any other thing that you saved before. Here, you will be able to create some notebooks, in order to make your work easier. In addition, here you can even save some maps, photos, web pages in your notes.

Price: $2.99

So, here are the 10 must have iPhone apps that every designers must have in his/her iPhone. Do you have some other great apps in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below and let others make a use of them as well.


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