15 Awesome Mobile Icons For UI Design Insipration




Ui design is all about the creativity, uniqueness, originality and inspiration. If you are looking for mobile icons for UI design inspiration, then you are in the right place ! Today we gathered 15 awesome mobile app icons that will definitely boost up your creativity. With the help of these icons, designers will have the chance to make the mobile app interfaces look much more attractive and unique. So, let’s take a look at our collection of 15 best mobile icons for ui design inspiration.


1. Mobile icon for piano application



Here is a great icon, that designers can use in the piano applications and that will definitely stand out from the rest.


2. Alternative app icon for Instagram



This is just the alternative version of Instagram app icon, that looks beautiful, creative and attractive as well.


3. Mobile icon for tennis application



If you have an app related to tennis game, tennis news, tennis learning or something else, this is a great icon for you to get inspired.


 4. Mobile app icon of Coca-Cola machine



Another great mobile app icon that is a great source to be motivated and to get ui design inspiration is the one of Coca-Cola machine.


5. Mobile icon for microphone application



This mobile app icon can be used in many applications, such as an application like Siri, singing application, song contest application and so on.


6. Video mobile app icon



Another great app icon is this one, which can be used in photography apps, video apps, camera apps and so on.


7. Mobile icon for video snapshot application



This is just a great example of a creative mobile app icon for UI design.


8. Mobile icon for bowling application



If you consider creating bowling game app, then consider using an app icon like this, as it this is a great one.


9. Mobile icon for whether application



What makes this app icon an awesome one are the details in it. Every single detail is in the right place and is correctly executed.


10. Mobile icon for news application



Another great icon is this one, which can be in news applications, especially in design world news, because of its unique design.


11. Mobile icon for time application



A great mobile app icon, which can be used in various applications, such as alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and so on.


12. Mobile icon for game application



If you want to create an app, that will include many games, this is a great icon for you to use.


13. Mobile icon for book/magazine application



An incredible mobile icon, that can be used in many apps, such as notes, book, magazine, news applications.


14. Mobile icon for list application



A great icon, which is the right option for list applications, such as reminders, notes and so on.


15. Mobile app icon for files



If you have an app like Dropbox, Google Drive, that is used for saving files, then this is a great icon for you to use.


So, here you have 15 awesome mobile icons, which are great ones to be inspired for UI design. Do you think of other great mobile icons? If so, share them with us and let us get more inspired!


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