Apple’s iOS 8.1 is Out Now: Here is The New Features You Need To Know

Apple’s iOS 8.1 is Out Now: Here is The New Features You Need To Know

Though, many people think that iOS 8 is the best update so far, there are some features that are missing in this update. Now, Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of Software engineering, announced the iOS 8.1’s release. There are some features, and I’m sure that they are going to be used by many of you. So here we go…


Apple Pay

Apple Pay has finally arrived along with iOS 8.1. It’s a new mobile payment service, which replaces traditional ways of payments such as credit and debit cards. It allows users to purchase products and services or pay at cafes using iOS devices. Transactions are going to be done with the help of Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Passbook.

So, this feature is available for iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 plus.
There are already many apps that got ready for Apple Pay. Some of the best ones are Nike, Whole Foods and Petco. Moreover, Apple told that nearly 230 thousand retail locations are going to support the Apple Pay’s launch, including McDonald’s, Subway, Walgreens.




If you don’t have a WiFi connection, it won’t be a worrying problem anymore if you use Instant Hotspot. So, If you don’t have WiFi, your iPad or MAC can be connected to the personal hotspot of your iPhone if they are near each other. If you connect them, your MAC will show the battery life of your iPhone and the strength of the signal. If you want to disconnect them, all you need to do is quit browsing. The bad thing is that this feature is not available on some carriers.


iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library comes with the arrival of iOS’ new update. The main difference between this feature and Photo app on iOS is that it is available for the browser by In the past versions of iOS, Photo stream saved 1000 photos taken during the month. However, with iCloud photo library, now you can store as many pictures as you would like, by getting much space in iCloud. The storage varies between 20 GB and 1 TB and the prices range consequently between $0.99 and $20.


SMS Relay

Another powerful feature of the new update is that now, you can chat with your friends no matter you’re using iPhone, iPad or Mac.



The return of Camera Roll

Along with the release of iOS 8, apple brought a new feature to Camera Roll. It added “Recently added” folder, which included pictures and videos that were taken during the last month. However, because of the negative response from the iOS users, it removed this folder and returned the old Camera Roll.



So, here you have the new features of iOS 8.1. What do you think? Are they useful or are they just one of the features that you are not going to use?


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