Apple iOS 8 vs. Android 5.0 Lollipop 5 Features That Make Android Beat iPhone


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It seems that the war between Android and iOS is continuing as Google has recently announced about its next big update – Android 5.0 Lollipop. This new update is going to compete with Apple’s iOS 8. So, let’s look at 5 features that make Android’s 5.0 Lollipop beat Apple’s iOS 8.


1. New look and interface

It seems that this new update concentrates on the interface and general functionality, so we expect a new look for Android.
As we saw, iOS gave the opportunity to pinch apps out in full-screen widgets, which takes over the majority of the screen. This feature can work well on Android too, by eliminating the widgets; that continuously make the battery lower.


2. Universal chat

Apple has updated its messaging service, and not it’s possible to send iMessages and see them in your Mac. However, this can be only used while chatting with other iOS users. This is the right place, where Android has the advantage. It updated its Hangout to be more user-friendly, so it can be a universal chat. Now, it has new texting updates, and it gives users the chance to exchange docs in real-time.


3. Siri-like assistant

We all know about Siri, but how many of used it several times? Most of us used Siri once, while checking whether she understands what we say or not. However, Apple added new features, which are very useful. For example, now you can call her while driving a car, without pressing any button.
So, Android is going to beat Apple in this field as well. It is going to add some new features to its Google now. For example, due to its third-party accessories, you can speak to Sony Smartwatch, just by lifting your hand. It’s possible that after some time you will be able to command it to make your home warmer, or to turn the lights on.


4. Security

Though iPhone has security through fingerprint, we think that it’s much easier to use voice security. And it’s the right security system that Android uses. This technology is on the level, where the smartphone can perfectly recognize its owner’s voice. The advantage is that it saves the battery life. In addition, the new feature is that now, up to 5 users can save their voice profiles in Android, and access their personal files with voice unlocking. I think it’s the best feature for the parents, whose children are always trying to use their phones.


5. Battery life

One of the advantages of Android, which is one of the disadvantages of iOS is the battery life. The iPhone is always associated with poor battery life system. Though there have been some changes in iOS 8, iPhone 6 users ensure that there is no difference. However, Android has a new battery mode on its Lollipop 5, which is going to provide with 90 minutes extra use. So, it’s there, where Android is going to beat IOS really.

So, in our opinion, these are the 5 features that will make Android more preferable. Are there any others that you want to mention? Or do you disagree with this point of view? Let us know in the comments below.


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