4 components Every UX Designer Should Use In Their iOS 8 App

ios 8 design credits: http://ianbradleycreative.com/

In order to create a great app, that will become a widely used one, designers must be very cautious in choosing the best components of that app. Usually apps differ from one to another by their components, because in different apps different components are needed. However, there are some basic ones, that every UX designer should use in their iOS 8 app.

1. Icons

Icons are the most important part in every app. It really does not matter what purpose your app has, whether it’s a finance app, game or shooting app, it need a good Icon in order to be noticed in the App Store, where there are so many great and creative apps. So, first of all, when designing your app, make sure to create or buy a powerful icon, that will leave a great impression on users. There are many websites, that offer you with already ready-to-use iOS 8 icons, such as Iconsmind, FlatIcon, Icon Archive and so on. If you check these websites I am more than sure that you will find the most appropriate icons for your application.

2. Interface

After you have developed an icon for your iOS 8 app, it’s the right time for you to create that amazing interface of your app. After you have catched people’s attention with the icon, the next thing that will keep them in your app or will push them away is your interface. Interface is about the design and the functionality of your application. If you use calm but at the same time eye-catching colors, shapes and of course easy-to-use functions, then the probability that users will take benefit of your app increases. So, you must pay attention to your app’s interface, if you want to keep the users.

3. Content

When users like the icon and interface of your mobile application, the next thing that they pay attention is your content. You must provide them with valuable content, if you want to interest
them and respond to their needs. It does not matter how amazing is your icon and overall design, if people don’t find meaning and value in your application, they will never use it again. So, pay attention to your value proposition, in order to best serve your customers’ needs.

4. Visuals

This is the last most important thing in your app. If you want to make your users’ work easier and provide them with joyful time, then you must make use of visuals. With the help of visuals, such as pictures, icons or CTAs, you will help them to identify what is expected from them to do in your app. The reason that visuals are very important is that if people don’t understand how to use your app, they will don’t pay much time on that and will search for other alternatives.

Of course, there are a lot of components that you should use in your app, but here are the 4 most important components that every UX designer should use in his/her iOS 8 app. Do you have any thoughts or concerns? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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