15 Impressive Icon Design Tutorials In Photoshop


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For every graphic designer, one of the most important things that he/she must master is creating icons. If you are a designer, and you want to go deeper and gain much experience in creating great icons, you will surely need these tutorials, which are very detailed and contain all the necessary steps of creating wonderful icons. So, here you will be able to get 15 impressive icon design tutorials in Photoshop, which will definitely make your work easier.


1. Creating mobile application icons

If you want creating mobile application icons, then this tutorial is just for you, because here you may access all the necessary information that you need in creating mobile icons.


2. Creating camera icons

In general, if you need creating realistic icons, for example camera icons,  you should take into account that it can be quite difficult. However with this tutorial, there is nothing to worry about, as here you may find all the steps of making wonderful camera icons.


3. Creating cardboard box icons

Here, you will get the chance of learning the steps of cardboard box icons creation, which you may use for many purposes.


4. Creating download icons

One of the most used icons is download icon, because it can be used everywhere, like websites, applications and so on. So, with this helpful tutorial you will master the basic ways of creating download icons.


5. Creating envelope icons

If you have an application, that is connected with mailing, you will probably need an envelope icon there. So, with this tutorial you will master the ways of envelope icon creation.


6. Creating buddy icons

Want to create a buddy icon? Check out this tutorial.


7. Creating monitor icons

Would you like to create a wonderful icon, but you do not know the ways of doing so ? Then this tutorial is just for you.


8. Creating takeout coffee icons

In this lesson, you will learn the whole procedure of creating a takeout coffee icon just from the beginning till the end. The things that you will learn here may be applied in all design works.


9. Creating pen tool icons

Do you need a pen tool icon for your project? Then check out this great tutorial.


10. Creating painting icons

If you have a painting application, you may need an icon that will create that atmosphere. With this tutorial, you will learn the ways of creating many painting icons.


11. Creating guitar icons

With this tutorial, you may get the best results ever in creating guitar icons. You will get the most realistic guitar icon ever.


12. Creating vintage camera icons

Are you looking for a tutorial that will teach you how to create vintage icons, such as camera icons? This one is just for you.


13. Creating alarm icons

If you want to create alarm icons, you are in the right place, as in this great tutorials you may gather all the necessary skills of creating an alarm icon.


14. Creating camera lens icons

Want to create camera lens icon for your application? Check out this tutorial and you will get all the necessary information.


15. Creating book icons

Due to many effective tools and techniques, with this tutorial you will be able to create one of the best 3D book icons ever.

So, here are the 15 impressive icon design tutorials in Photoshop that every graphic designer should check out. Are there other good tutorials in your mind? if so, share them with us and let us gain more knowledge.


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