Apple Expecting to Release the iOS 8.1.3 Update as Soon as Next Week


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If you are an Apple lover, then you are in the right place and you should go on reading this article, because today we are going to introduce you the latest news of Apple.

With the latest update of iOS, which is iOS 8.1.2, Apple tried to address some bugs, for example ringtone, the battery, WI-FI and Bluetooth and so on. However, some Apple users go on facing the same problems over and over again. So, iOS 8.1.3 will just be the improved version of the previous update and it will improve the overall performance and functionality of Apple products.

According to some reliable sources, it is said that Apple is going to release the next update of iOS – iOS 8.1.3 next week. As already mentioned, this update is going to solve the problems of the previous update, however it is still not clear whether the software will be beta tested or not.

“We were told that Apple plans to release the next update of iOS 8 during the next week”, reported BGR, which is one of the leading mobile and technology news source. “We don’t know yet whether it is a beta or public version of the update, but Apple will make efforts to release it on Tuesday or on Wednesday”.

This information was confirmed with other great sites such as iDownloadBlog, which is focused on delivering news concerning Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS and so on, and MacRumors, which is also focused on reporting about Apple news.

All of these information really supports the fact that iOS users will have the updated version during the next week. Taking into account the fact, that in general Apple does not beta test small releases like this one, it will not be surprising to find that the updated version will be without a preview of a developer. So, with that in your mind, you should keep your eye on the Software Update part inside the Settings app during the next week in order to update the new version.

So, what do you think? Are you going to update your iOS software or are you happy with your current software? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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