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20 Flat Long Shadow Icons Examples Every Graphic Designer Needs to Check

Just with the arrival of iOS 7 operating system, many mobile interfaces were changed to flat design, which, nowadays, is one of the hottest trends in designing world. The next awesome thing that is on the way and is going to fill the design world with new breath is “Long Shadow”. As you have might already guessed, this trend involved some objects which have long shadows and they really look fabulous. The upcoming trend is mainly used in smaller objects such as icon or logo. Shadows are usually put inside the element, such as logo or icon and often prolong out of the object to the frame that surrounds the object. The designer of this trend is Jeff Escalante. As he mentions, the main characteristics of long shadow design are: the shadow prolongs nearly 45 degree angle and has the size of 2.5 times of the element.


If you want to generate long shadow icons yourself, here are some useful resources for you:


Below, we have collected the best 20 flat long shadow icon examples, that will inspire you a lot to create your own trendy icons.


1. Snow foxy, which has a combination of great colors



Photo credit:


2. Travel icon, which can be used for apps that are travel oriented



Photo credit:


3. Espresso, which is a great icon for cafes or restaurants



Photo credit:


4. Camera, which can be used for photo editing apps



Photo credit:


5. New trendy icon for Twitter



Photo credit:


6. New icon for Apple



Photo credit:


7. Icon, which can be used as a Calendar App



Photo credit:

8. Google play in a trendy way



Photo credit:


9. Superman



Photo credit:


10. Icon to use as an alarm clock app



Photo credit:


11. Cloud icon



Photo credit:


12. All iOS icons



Photo credit:


13. Social media icons



Photo credit:


14. New design for app Hint



Photo credit:


15. Mail icon created with long shadow



Photo credit:


16. Marlboro icon



Photo credit:


17. “Hello” typography



Photo credit:


18. New profile icons for social media networks



Photo credit:


19. Trendy icon for painting apps



Photo credit:


20. FaceTime icon in a trend



Photo credit:



So, here are the best 20 flat long shadow icons examples that every graphic designers needs to check in order to get some inspiration. Do you have other great examples? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.


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