10 Cool and Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

If I say graphic designer, the first things that will probably come to your mind are creativity, uniqueness, originality and imagination. These people are usually very unique and if you want to do something special for him/her, that something should be unique as well. So, now, as the time Christmas is already in the year, it is the right time to buy gifts for your beloved ones and if you have graphic designer friends and you don’t know what to give them, this article is just for you. Here, we have collected 10 cool and creative Christmas gift ideas for graphic designers.


1. Pencil by 53



Photo credit: www.9to5mac.com

If one likes the iOS app “Paper”, he/she would definitely like this gift, as it is the product of that app, produced by US company 53. There are 2 types of this pencil – “Walnut”, which is made from wood and “Graphite’, which is made from aluminium.


2. 1000 Colours Puzzle



Photo credit: www.feeldesain.com

If you have a graphic designer friend, who likes colors very much then this “1000 colours” Puzzle can be a great gift for him/her. In this puzzle, there are 1000 colours and each of them has a different color.


3. Oil Colours Box Package



Photo Credit: www.creativebloq.com

For those graphic designers, who like traditional methods and who like to create “real” icons, logos and other things, then this set is just for them. In this box, there are 8 38ml tubes of colors and other accessories that will definitely satisfy the artist.


4. Manga pen tablet



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

This exclusive and very sensitive pen is a great gift for any graphic designer, as it has the same precise effects of real brushes and markers. With this Manga pen tablet, one can draw many colorful and realistic objects.


5. Make Your Own Luck



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

This is a perfect present for both new beginners and masters in graphic design area. In this guide, there are many tips, examples and important advice for all graphic designers.


6. UI Stencils



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

This is a great stainless steel set, which will help any graphic designer in their works. There are many UI elements in this set which are mostly used by them. In addition, with this kit a mechanical pencil is also available.


7. Walls Notebook



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

Many designers come up with great ideas in the streets, for example by painting on different walls. If you have a graphic designer of that type, then this gift is just for him/her. This notebook has 80 pages, each featuring different NY City walls, where they can paint and design anything that they want.


8. Handmade ceramics



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

If you think that your graphic designer friend wants uniqueness in everything, you can give him/her this handmade ceramics, which is just made for artists. Due to its colors and style, it can be a great addition to his/her kitchen.


9. Keyboard and Mouse from Wood



Photo credit: creativebloq.com

If the graphic designer, for who you are searching a gift is an eco-fan, then you can buy this keyboard and mouse, which are made from wood and which are 100% eco-friendly. Besides its eco-friendliness it also has a great design and looks very good.


10. Letter-formed Cookie Cutters



Photo credit: www.creativebloq.com

Another great gift idea for Christmas is to offer these great letter-formed cookie cutter, which will help your graphic designer friend to prepare some great designed cookies.

So, here are the top 10 cool and creative Christmas gifts for graphic designers. You are free to take any of these ideas or to get inspiration from them. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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