10 Amazing Vector Portrait Tutorials Every Graphic Designer Should Check


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If you are a graphic designer, you definitely know what vector portraits are: they are simple pictures that are made up of basic colors, sizes and forms. These portraits can be easily made from pictures and can have a great result. Probably every graphic designer has his/her own style of making vector portraits. For example, some people can make it too cartoony and others can make it too realistic. So, if you are a graphic designer, however you do not know yet the means of designing amazing vector portraits, here are some 10 amazing tutorials. which are going to lead you during these activities.


Tutorial to create a high contrast, artistic portraits 

It’s an extraordinary exercise for you, that will demonstrate you the methods of transforming the most straightforward photo into a magnificent artwork. With the assistance of the great settings, you may make some picture montages.


Tutorial to create a vector style illustration in Photoshop 

In this link, you will comprehend the steps of making a representation of a model. Here, you ought to utilize Photoshop’s Burn Tool. Toward the end of the exercise, you will as of now have some information and capacity to create other vector pictures. In spite of the fact that in this exercise, you don’t have to have exceptional capacities, you must have an expertise for utilizing the Pen Tool.


Tutorial to make vector portraits for beginners

An alternate marvelous exercise that will support you all that much in making portrait photos is this one. You may feel that it is not all that simple, however if you take one of your portraits and try it out, you will see that it is more than simple.


Tutorial to design a high grunge style portrait in Photoshop 

If you are an novice in this field, and you want to get progressed to the following level, then this exercise is simply made for you. Here, you may get to know a few strategies, which are utilized as a part of making extraordinary vector representations. In this exercise, you will comprehend the methods for utilizing a few instruments and covers, which will isolate a few objects.


Tutorial to create colorful stylized portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Conversely with the past one, this tutorial is for the individuals who have incredible outlining and drawing aptitudes. This is not simply a tutorial, where you ought to draw down the page and comprehend everything that there is. This tutorial requests some expert methodology to drawing. However, it doesn’t just simply that amateurs can’t take advantages of it.


Tutorial to make watercolor and marker style portraits with Illustrator 

If you need to get some vector picture that has the feel of marker and watercolor, then this one is made for you. Here, you will be concentrated more on a drawing table and Adobe Illustrator. Here, there are various helpful settings for you, however the closure result will rely on upon your own style and creative imagination.


Tutorial to lead each graphic designer in the general procedure of making vector representations

This tutorial will lead each graphic designer in the general procedure of making vector representations. There are a few pictures that are utilized as a guide for black and gray paths. Moreover, there are alternate routes, that will help you comprehend the entire activity and will give you a chance to attain some magnificent results.


Tutorial to make your own vector portraits

As we have mentioned, every graphic designer has his/her own style of making vector pictures. However, in this exercise you may have the possibility to get to know one of the best styles and to take in the nuts and bolts of vector art.


Tutorial to discover vector art with Photoshop 

An alternate extraordinary exercise that will make you comprehend the fundamental steps of making a vector picture is this one.


Tutorial to create a high contrast portrait 

Here, you will comprehend the methods for changing over a straightforward picture into an incredible vector representation. This is an awesome resource for you if you want to print in a couple of flat shades or if you would like a small picture to make a bigger one.


So, here are the 10 amazing vector portrait tutorials that every graphic designer should check. Do you think there are other great tutorials not mentioned here? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.


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