7 Amazing Icon Fonts for Web Designers To Use in 2015

Icon fonts have a huge impact in web design world and they are a part of every web design. If you use them in a right way, they can give your website a very impressive and attractive look. In addition, they help you to better interact with the users and to make better the speed of your webpage. So, in order to ensure that you select the best icon fonts for your webpage, today we have collected the best 7 amazing icon fonts,  that will be of a great use in 2015.


1. Icons Mind



This is a great source of icon fonts for any web designer. In this source, there are about 2090 icons of 55 various areas. These icons are particularly great for use for iOS 8 and 7, Android, and any website.


2. Font Awesome



Photo credit: www.templaza.com

Font Awesome offers you a variety of vector icon fonts that can be changed according to your desires. For example you can change their size, color and so on. Here, there are about 370 icon fonts related to currency, text, numbers, medicine and other things that will be satisfying for all web designers.


3. Ionicons



Photo credit: www.templaza.com

The difference of Ionicons from other icon fonts is that it offers a variety of “action icons”. That means that these ones are moving. There are many options for you, for example diagrams, music, player, charts and so on.


4. Sosa



Photo credit: www.templaza.com

If you are a web designer, one of the first sources that you should use  is Sosa. These icon fonts are free for any kind of use. There are many categories, that include weather, web, media, marketing, sales and so on.


5. Iconshock



Photo credit: www.templaza.com/

Iconshock is probably the widest and the most famous icon font website, which contains about 115.000 original and creative icon fonts in about 350 categories, like marketing, economics, education  and so on.


6. Fontello



Photo credit: cdn1.tnwcdn.com

This is a great source for you if you would like to create your own icon fonts. Fontello lets you create your own icon by combining different icons from different sources like Entypo, Font Awesome and so on.


7. Pictos



Photo credit: cdn1.tnwcdn.com

Pictos is another great source for icon fonts that will be of great use in 2015. There are many icon fonts included in this source. However, the thing is that it costs you $49, unlike other free sources.

So, here are the most amazing 7 icon fonts that will be very useful for web designers in the upcoming year-2015. Do you think there are other great ones not mentioned here? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.


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