15 Rules For Great UX Design


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1. The things you offer are far more important than the way you offer them

Advertising is considered to be a way of helping customers to make their decisions. The way you can convince one to buy your product is to show the features and characteristics of your product in a good way. In the similar way, the most important thing for digital products is to perform a great function. People won’t use it because of its great advertising, they will use it because it has value, great features and benefits.


2. You will succeed only then, when you use an awesome idea

Sometimes, people think that if their product has a great design and if it is easy to use, then customers will buy it. However it’s not the case, because it is a basic requirement. So, if you want your product to be sold, you should have a great idea.


3. Show the benefits not features

When talking about a product, most of advertisers talk about the features, not benefits. However, for customers, benefits that they will get by using that product has far more importance, than the features that it has. Designers should analyze the needs of customers, in order to provide great features that will increase benefits of customers.


4. You can’t persuade people to use your product

If people don’t need your product, there is no way to convince them buying it. Your product experience must be something people love to use, to share to endorse and so on. In this sense, it is important to note that how the design team works on little things can make a great difference between little and huge experiences.


5. Charm is necessary but it should not interrupt people

The charm of UX is crucial. Charm is something that is connected with all the things, like the design, the motion and satisfaction of using. However, the most important thing here is to not interrupt people when they use your product.


6. Be modern and flexible

What you created 10 or 5 years ago, must not necessarily be usable today. World is changing too fast and you should adapt to these changes if you want to have demand. Expectations and needs of people change too fast and you should create something new before the change happens. So, you should continuously reassess, improve, reinvent the things you give your customers.


7. It’s better to work in a small team

In the design world, it is better to work in a small team than in a large one. The reason is that more there are opinions, more complicated becomes the working process. That’s why it is said that small teams are able to create product designs more quickly and in general are more successful.


8. Understand what needs to be repeated or changed

First of all, you need to understand that you don’t offer your product or service to a standing crowd, because these people are always moving. So, if you want to satisfy them, you need to understand their needs and decide what in your product needs to be changed and what needs to be repeated.


9. Never do something you wouldn’t want for yourself

If you lie about your product and talk about the features that do not exist, it will definitely be found out. Especially these days, with the presence of Internet, that information can be spread in just a few moments with the help of social media sites, review websites and so on.


10. The brand image is very important

Brand image is something that creates trust among people. So, if you want to be successful, you should create a great brand image through huge user experiences, great benefits and features. If people start to trust you, they will definitely buy your products without hesitations.


11. Do not copy from others

You should focus on your own ideas, your own imagination and creativity in order to create a great product and great user experience. Those companies who copy from others have low reputations and cannot build trust among customers.


12. Make complex things simple

We all know that nowadays simplicity is the key to success. All the large companies such as Google, Apple or Microsoft tend to keep everything simple. You just should not create something that is not understandable from the first sight. If people do not understand it, they will just pass it without too much thinking. So, try to keep things simple and easy.


13. Do not create manuals

Nowadays, no one really reads manuals.For example, if you have a mobile game, don’t just create manual for it, instead create a usable tutorial, that will teach all the necessary things to users. You should make people’s experiences interactive and enjoyable if you want to keep them by your side.


14. UX is not about the user interface design

You may have a great user interface design, with lots of buttons, CTAs and interesting images, however if people do not understand from the first sight what is needed to be done, they will definitely leave you. User experience is far more important than design. People should easily understand your features and benefits in order to stay with you. So, you should put user experience in the first place before the user interface design.


15. UX is more than usability

Imagine that you have a great design, and it is really easy for people to understand the features, the logical steps and other things. However, if they do not respond to you, if they do not share it, it means that you do not have user experience.

So, here are 15 basic rules of great UX design, that will help you a lot in your career. Do you have any other rules in your mind? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.


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