8 Annoying Features in iOS 8 and How You Can Fix Them

With the arrival of Apple’s new operating system iOS8, many new features have come along with it. Among these new features, there are many ones that are really useful and amazing, however there also some features that are just annoying and there are a lot of people who regret that they made the upgrade from the previous OS version. However, in this article, you can find the worst features of iOS 8 and the ways to fix them.


1. Avoid receiving calls on your iPad and iPhone


Sometimes, it really annoying to get phone calls both on these 2 devices. However there’s a solution for this bad characteristic. It’s possible to disable it by going to Settings, clicking on Facetime then selecting iPhone Mobile calls.


2. Turn off that annoying text suggestions


There’s another thing in IOS8, which has the aim to suggest some texts and it comes out in the keyboard under the name of QuickType. However, it is possible to delete this feature by going to your iPhone Setting, tapping on General, Keyboard and setting this Predictive feature off.


3. Turn off app suggesting feature


Now, a new feature is available, which is continuously suggesting apps which are on App Store. You can either find it useful for you or just irritating. If it’s annoying, you can just avoid these suggestions by entering the Settings, tapping on the General, Handoff and Suggested Apps then just make Appstore button off.


4. Find the Camera Roll


Now, if you have updated iOS 8, you can notice that the Camera Roll of iOS 7, where all your images were located is not there anymore. However, if you need it back you can just tap on Settings, then enter the Camera section and turn off the iCloud Photo Library off.


5. Make the third-party keyboard available


In this case you just need to turn off your Guided Access. However, if the problem is still not fixed, you should delete this keyboard and wait until another update will be available, which will fix the problem. For this purpose, just go to the Settings, tap on the General, then tap on the Keyboard section and swipe it in order to delete it.


6. Simply delete your photos, instead of hiding them


Probably one of the most terrible feature of the new update is that you just cannot delete your photos forever, instead you just hide them. However, in this case, anymore who takes your phone can see hidden pictures in the Recently Deleted album, and I guess it’s not so pleasant for you. However, you can delete these photos forever just by going to the Albums, selecting the Recently Deleted album and by selecting the photos delete them forever.


7. Make your messages in audio and video format stay with you forever


Perhaps you know that with the new update of iOS you can send audio/video messages via iMessage. However the worst part here is that these recording are deleted after 1 month and it’s not so good if you really want to have them with you. So, in order to prevent this, you enter the  Settings, then go to the Messages, then to Keep Messages section and choose to keep them for a year or forever.


8. Delete contacts in the App Switcher


It’s really annoying, when you can see faces of recent people with who you talked appear in your App Switcher. However, it’s really not difficult to change. You just need to go to the Settings, select the Mail/Contacts/Calendars section, then tap on App Switcher and turn the favorites/recents off.


So, here you have 8 features, that really irritate a lot to iPhone users. Do you have other irritating features in your mind? Share with us in the comments below and we’ll try to find the solution for them.


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