10 Things That Will Boost Every Graphic Designer’s Creativity


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Graphic design is a field, where things change very fast both in a creative and in a technical way. Though it is relatively easy to learn the technical skills, it is also very important to concentrate on expanding and improving your creativity. If you want to become a successful graphic designer, you should both master the technical part and creative part of it. So, here are 10 things that will help you boost your creativity in graphic design.


1. Collect everything


Every time you see a design work that inspires you, take a photo of it and put it in your collection, or when you see it online save it for later. Believe me, that one day you will definitely need them. You can just get inspired from them, take a little part from each of them and create an awesome design.


2. Read design blogs


Internet is just a huge source for design related information and inspiration. For example if you read other designers’ blogs or look some tutorials, your creativity will just boost.


3. Join the design community


If you are a freelance designer, the first thing that you should after reading this article is to join an online designers’ community. It not only will provide you with the latest news and trends of design world, but will also give you the chance to upload your works and get some feedback for it. You should always be ready for critique, in order to improve yourself.


4. Create fake works


When you are free, try to create some fake projects. For example you can create  logo, website or app for a company. It’s good because later on, it is possible that you will need them in one of your projects and because it always keeps your creativity awake.


5. Copy others’ design


Sometimes it is a very good idea to redo other designer’s design. It will not only help you get mastered in design, but also will give you the chance to understand what was done wrong in that design and what can be improved.


6. Copy your old designs


Sometimes, we look at the works we have done before, and we think that we should get rid of them immediately. However, it is very important to keep them in order to see your progress and to improve your skills. So, instead of throwing them away, try to rework on them and make them better.


 7. Interact with other designers


Another important way of boosting creativity is to communicate with other designers. You should always speak to the ones who are better than you, who are more experienced in that area in order to learn some new skills from them. I know that it is hard to admit that there is someone better than you, but if you want to really move forward, you should accept it and get the best of them.


 8. Take some classes


There are many colleges and universities that let you attend classes without full-time enrollment. During these classes, you will definitely learn many new things and will work on your creativity.


9. Travel a lot


You will definitely agree with me, that every time you go to another country, you return back with excitement, with a lot of energy and with creativity. When you discover other country and their culture, it opens your mind and boosts your creative thinking.


10. Keep a sketchbook


It is very important for every graphic designer to have a sketchbook with him/her all the time. It is natural that sometimes ideas come to you when you don’t really expect them. So, it is better to have a sketchbook in order to work on ideas quickly rather than leaving them for later.


So here are the best 10 things that will help you increase your creativity in graphic design. Do you have other things in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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