Designers Guide To Getting Started With Sketchnotes


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Sketchnoting is the style of visual note-taking that is now used by many designers. Every designer when designing something starts with sketchnotes. It helps them to write their ideas in the notes and create awesome designs with the help of these sketchnotes. The main steps of sketchnoting are planning and drawing. So, if you are a designer, and want to get started with sketchnotes, here is a guide for you.




Though, usually people don’t prepare for sketchnoting, there are some things you can do in order to be best equipped for sketchnoting.


 1. Prepare your tools


Though it is not essential to use the most expensive pens and notebooks for sketching, it is still important to choose some practical ones for you. So, to effectively sketchnote, here are some things you will need.


In order to create perfect design try to follow the C.R.A.P method


A high quality pen

Large notebook

Colorful markers to make your designs more attracting

A correction fluid to erase your mistakes


 2. Sketch some common objects


Before starting to design, you should practice a lot. For example, it’s important to have some already ready objects in your sketchnotes, which will be ready to use whenever they are necessary. For example the basic things that you need to draw in order to get practiced are starts, squares, circles, rectangles, clouds, trees, newspapers, books, smartphones, laptops, logos and so on.




After planning, it is the right time to start drawing. So, here are some tips that will make your sketchnotes awesome.


1. Try to be a C.R.A.P sketcher


In order to create perfect design try to follow the C.R.A.P method

Contrast: In your design try to use some attracting colors or combine light and heavy shapes.

Repetition: Regularly use some usual keys of the design, such as bullet points, little icons and so on.

Alignment: Try to line up the things in an order.

Proximity: Try to draw in one page the objects that are related to each other. If two things are not related, draw them in the different sides of the paper.

So, by following these principles, you will end up with a sketchnote that is pleasant to look.


2. Use creative containers


If you use a text in your design, try to put them in some creative containers such as bubbles, clouds, rectangles, circles and so on. In this case, your text will appear to be much more interesting.


3.  Apply shading and color


In order for your designs to look awesome, they need some shading and colors. For example you can add some shading on a specific part of an object or add shadow below the object, highlight the most important parts and add colors in some spaces.

So, here is the most basic guide to get started with sketchnotes. Do you have other useful tips in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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