10 Most Creative Thanksgiving Design Inspirations for 2014

Now that the Halloween is over, it is the right time to celebrate the most beautiful and tasty holiday of the year – THANKSGIVING!!! It is the right time to thank your family, friends and other relatives and to have a good time with them. Of course, one of the most important parts in Thanksgiving are the dishes of your table, that sweet potato, pumpkin pie and of course the turkey. Besides the dishes, in order to feel the atmosphere with the holiday, you should decorate the interior of your home and prepare some cards,invitations for your relatives.

So, as Thanksgiving is just a few days away, now the first thing you should do is to take a look at the most creative thanksgiving design inspirations for 2014 mentioned above and take some ideas with you.


Food design


As I have already mentioned the most important part in Thanksgiving is the food. By looking at these awesome examples, you will definitely come up with the ideas, which will help you to design your table at the best way.


1. Holiday themed cupcakes



Photo credit: www.sevdaselim.net

These awesome cupcakes will provide you with a very beautiful thematic design and as well as will provide you and your guests with the dessert part of the holiday.


2. Perfect turkey design


holiday meal table setting

Photo credit: pixgood.com

As the turkey is the most important part in your table, you should pay a lot of attention to its design. There are plenty of design ideas on the web, however I think that a real turkey on Thanksgiving looks like this.


Classical pumpkin pie



Photo credit: pixgood.com

There is no a Thanksgiving day without that pumpkin pies that fill the table. However, I think that the real pumpkin pie should be without any additional elements, it should be presented in a classical way.


Interior design


It doesn’t matter how delicious are the dishes that you prepared, it doesn’t matter how many types of dishes are presented in your table, if you can’t design your table and the interior in the right and creative way. Here are some interior design examples that will definitely create that mysterious and delicious atmosphere at your home.


4. Design in blue color



Photo credit: www.encoreeventsrentals.com

2014’s new trend for Thanksgiving is the blue color. Of course, you can’t make the turkey or the pumpkin in blue, however you can decorate your table by adding some blue.


5. Autumn theme design



Photo credit: designyoutrust.com

As the Thanksgivings is in autumn, you should add some autumn theme design elements to your table. Here is a great example of that kind of design.


6. Candles in table



Photo credit: www.uhomeal.com

In order to have that mysterious and romantic atmosphere, it will be great idea to add some candles in your table. This example is just a perfect way of doing so.


7. Other decorations


images (1)

Photo credit: nepagallery.com

Besides the table that is needed to be decorated in a very beautiful way, in order to fully create the holiday atmosphere, you should also decorate other parts of your home, like this awesome example.


Card design


Though dishes and other decorations are very important, it is also important to create some cards or invitations to congratulate others or to thank them.


8. Thanksgiving menu planner



Photo credit: blog.psprint.com

In order to make sure that you don’t forget anything, you can make this creative thanksgiving menu, which will remind you which is left for buying, what is left for cooking and who are your guests.


9. Thanksgiving gift card



Photo credit: blog.psprint.com

Thanksgiving is a holiday, where the members of family share some presents with each other. However, in order to be unique and stand out, you can give your family members these gift cards which have a really thematic design.


10. Thanksgiving invitation



Photo credit: blog.psprint.com

If you want to invite people to your home or to your cafe on this day, you can do it in a very creative way, for example by sending them this kind of invitation.


So, here are the 10 most creative design inspiration for Thanksgiving 2014. Do you have other ideas in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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