10 Amazing Business Icons For UX Design Insipration

People say that pictures can speak more than words, and it is definitely true when it comes to icons, especially business icons. A good icon, logo can have a great impression on public and create an awesome brand image for the company. There are some icons, that have the ability to communicate a message to the targeted public. Icons are one of the most important parts in business marketing. The reason is that your business will always be associated with that logo or icon and it will tell you about the quality of your company. This is the main reason why icons have a crucial importance in every business marketing strategy. So, if you have a business, for which you want to create a great mobile application, the first thing that you need is a wonderful, memorable icon, that will have a good impression on your customers. So, to make your work easier, today we will show you 10 amazing business icons for UX design inspiration.


1. Finance Icon





2. Money icon



Photo Credit: www.open-open.com



3. Contract icon



Photo Credit: www.prbuzz.com



4. Credit Card icon



Photo Credit: www.work.imstalex.com


Calculator icon



Photo Credit: www.managementscience.biz/


6. Analysis icon


Photo Credit: www.general-play.com


7. Histogram icon



Photo Credit: www.youtookmypicture.com


  1. Dollar icon


Photo Credit: www.galleryhip.com



10. Business suitcase icon


Photo Credit: www.iconfinder.com


11. Businessman icon



Photo Credit: www.blue09media.de


All of the icons presented above are great examples of how a perfect business icon should be. I am more than sure that after seeing this wonderful icons, now you have some ideas on how to create the perfect business icon for your app. Are there any other great business icons that we missed? Share them with us in the comments below.


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