How Mobile Icons Can Increase Your Apps UX


Icons are one of the most important parts in every app. Icons make easier for users to understand the context of the app and find the ways of navigating in the app. You may think that icons are just part of design and they don’t have any other purpose, but you are not right. Yes, icons are fun to look at, but they have a certain goal: increase the UX of an app. So, read on, and you will understand why icons can increase your app’s UX.


How icons can increase UX?

When users enter an app, they should have some time in order to understand how they can use the app. Icons are there to help users, because they can help catch people’s attention to what is important. They are useful, as they give certain direction to users and make them understand where they can found the things they need. Without icons, users will be confused in your app, will have difficulties finding the things that they need, and as a result, they would leave your app, with no intention to visit it again. So, that is why icons are very important in every app and why they increase the UX of an app.


How to create a great icon?

There are no strict rules of good icons, but there are some things that designers should consider, before making any icon. Designers should keep in their mind that icons are just ways of transferring a message. So, icons should be easy understandable, should highlight the most important information. Icons in the same app should be in the same format, in the same size, in order to make users’ work easier and make them understand that you care about their experience. In addition, icons should be consistent with the brand of the company.

So, icons are the most important part of creating great user experience for any app. If you use icons in a right and appropriate way, that is, using simple things instead of complex objects, it will make your app look awesome and attracting. So, now you understand why icons are so important and how they can increase your app’s UX.


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