An Ultimate Guide To Conducting Mobile UX Diagnostics For iOS 8



Nowadays, users have many expectations and if there is something that they don’t like they spread information about it and give poor feedback. So, if you want to avoid such situations, you need to conduct mobile user experience diagnostic. Diagnostics can be done in every stage, for example development, design and it can be done by one or more specialists. Of course, more people test it, more accurate the results will be. Thus, you need to do some diagnostics and evaluations if you don’t want your users to be disappointed. So, here are some steps to conduct mobile ux diagnostics for iOS 8.

Identifying users and scenarios

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of your app, experts must have some information about it, about the users and about some scenarios. In order to get right results, make sure to give information about several things, such as:

  • What exactly you want to evaluate?
  • Which devices are mostly used by users?
  • Who are the main competitors of your app?
  • Some information about market research

Conducting the evaluation

You will get the best results if you ask more than one experts to conduct the evaluation individually in the following 3 parts:

1. Scenarios and related UX: Here, they should get acuqainted with the app and understand the main UX issues. For example, the best way of understanding what app offers is looking at it for 5-6 seconds and trying to answer to some questions, such as: which app offers, does it look good from the first sight and so on.

2. Comparing with others: The following step is to compare the app with the ones of your competitors and understand which are the positive and negative sides of your app. Look for the areas where competitors have huge advantages and understand how you can implement these advantages in your app as well.

3. Overall individual feedback: In the final step, experts need to give their individual feedback on the areas, such as the overall design of the app, overall ux of the app, reviews in app stores, comments and feedback and so on.

Conducting a team review

This step is very important, because during the team review experts gather together and share with each other their own findings and individual feedback. Though experts did research in the same area, they might have different results, because they are all specialized in different areas. Conducting a team review is great thing, because at the end, you will have all the problems and suggested solutions in one place.

Making presentation

Now , when you have all the problems and recommendations, you need to make a presentation and report about it, in order for everyone to understand what is expected from them. List all the problems that you have and all the recommendations that you came up with the help of experts. This will help your team understand what are the main problems and how they can solve it.

So, here is a very useful guide for conducting mobile UX diagnostics for iOS 8 and for any other operating system. Do you have any concerns or questions? Share them with us in the comments below.

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