Custom icons for mobile apps – the essential for product differentiation


The success of an app usually depends on how differentiated it is from other apps that have the same purpose and goals. The reason is that nowadays there are millions of apps in many stores, like AppStore, Android Store, Windows Store, and it is really difficult to create something unique. However when you create that unique app, you can be sure that you will have success, as uniqueness is one of the most important things that users pay attention to. There are many ways to differentiate the mobile app, for example creating a unique design, creating unique content, purpose or using custom icons. We will come to this later, for now we are going to introduce some reasons why you need to differentiate your mobile app.

1.  Set yourself apart

As already mentioned, there are many apps today in the marketplace, and when users search for the app they need, there are thousands of results waiting there for them. However, if you want to catch users’ attention and be the app that they would download, make sure that your app is differentiated and can offer them something unusual and unique. Be the first to innovate, and you will be the first who wins.

2.  Create loyalty

If you provide a unique app to your users, you can be sure that these users will be your loyal customers. The reason is that if you are the only one who provides unique services, there will be no alternative for users to choose the other app instead of you. So, during the time, you will be able to engage more with them and create loyalty in them.

3.  Close many sales

If you are unique, probability that many people will use your services is higher. The reason is that there are many apps that are totally the same and people are already tired of such things and when there is something new in the market, everyone does his/her best to use that innovation.  As a result, apps which are differentiated have the opportunity to close more sales than ordinary apps.

Here are the main 3 reasons why you need to make a lot of efforts in order to differentiate your mobile app. Now it is the right time to understand which is the best way you can differentiate your app. So, to do this,  one of the most effective ways is to use custom icons. Icons are simple but at the same time powerful tools that can make your app an attractive one. Icons are one of the most important parts in every kind of design, especially in mobile app design, as they are the main things which lead people in app and let them understand what is expected from them to do. However, it is also worth mentioning that just using the ordinary icons will not let you differentiate yourself, as all of the apps use them. The secret is that you should use some custom icons, which will be unique and will be used only in your app.

The next question is which is the most suitable and preferable place to find that unique custom icons. This question has an answer as well. The best place where you can find customized and very interesting icons is IconsMind. There are many custom icons packs waiting for you to download them. In this website, you can find more than 2000 icons in more than 50 different categories which are designed for all platforms, for example iOS, Android, Windows and websites. The main thing that is important here is that every icon is unique, and there is no icon that is alike to others. So, if you want to differentiate your app, first of all, you need some differentiated and custom icons. Other benefits of these sources are that you can use the icons as many times as you want, as there is not a limit, you can use them both in your personal and commercial projects, you can download them in many sizes and formats available and so on.

So, in conclusion, it is worth mentioning, that if you want to create something unique, then you should work a lot on it. However, once you differentiate your mobile app with the right custom icons, it will be the right time for you to enjoy the results. Just remember, that the key to success is the simplicity and the innovation. Let your app be differentiated and give pleasure both to you and your users.

Is there anything you would like to add? Or do you have any thoughts and new ideas? Please share all of them with us in the comments below.


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