30 User Experience Videos Which Are Worth Seeing

In order to become a good professional in every field, we must do lots of research, in order to understand all the basic and professional things. Of course, reading articles educates us, however nothing impresses us so much as conferences, talks.  Just because conferences take place in the different parts of the world, we can’t attend them all. However, with the help of videos, we can learn many things and watch many online conferences/talks/lessons all over the world. Today we will introduce you 30 User Experience videos, which are worth seeing


1. The fundamentals of user experience

This is a great video, which is an excellent place to get started. if you are new in this field or you just want to review your knowledge, then go on and watch this video, as here you will be acquainted with the fundamentals of UX.

2. The State of User Experience

Here, you can see what UX and UX design are. You’ll see how UX liked before, how it looks nowadays and what are the current challenges. The speaker says that engagement is the most important thing in UX and gives several examples in order to better illustrate his point.

3. UX Best Practices

In this video, Nick Finck tries to show the best UX practices on the most popular websites, for example Twitter, eBay, Amazon and so on. He discusses both advantages and disadvantages of the UX of these websites according to their design, info and so on.

4. The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You Happy

This short but at the same time informative lecture is worth seeing, because here the speaker is explaining visual, behavioral, reflective designs and how they make impression on people.

5. 5 Minutes on Imitation in Design

This is also a short talk, but it is rather informative. The speaker is explaining the meaning of “Good artists copy, great artists steal” expression. He tries to illustrate his point by a short story about World War II.

6. What is user experience?

This is another great video, which will make you understand what is UX. If you are new in this field, then you should definitely watch it.

7. UX Team of One

Here, the speaker explains what it’s like to be a UX team and brings examples from her life. She also explains what is generative design, which is when many different ideas are created and sketched.

8. Experience Is the Product

By watching this video, you’ll understand that it’s important to focus on product and experience, rather than on technology and features.

9. Behavior Is Our Medium

In this great session, Robert Fabricant speaks about interaction design. There are many effective examples, for example the family tree and the one which her daughter drew.

10. Web Form Design

If you think that web forms are not practical, because you must fill them every day, then you must see this talk. Here, the speaker shows some real examples from his professional life and addresses the main problems of web form design nowadays.

11. User Experience Design for Non-Designers

Here is a great video for those, who are not professionals but who want to have a basic knowledge about UX. Here the speaker tells about various types of UX.

12. The Importance of Identity and Vision to UX Designers on Agile Projects

In this video, you will get deeper into agile approach and will understand what it really is.

13. Learning IxD from Everyday Objects

Here, you will understand how you can get inspiration from everyday objects and how you can make them useful in your UX works.

14. Two videos: Information and Architecture

In these 2 videos, you will see how information and architecture are connected. The speaker uses basic objects in order to illustrate his point.

15. Wireframes for the Wicked

Here, you will get to know the what is wireframe, why you should use it, how it looks the process of it and other useful things.

16. Design Prototyping: Bringing Wireframes to Life

After watching the previous video, you should definitely watch this one, because here the speaker explains how prototyping is different from wireframes and why it’s so useful and important.

17. Journey to the Center of Design

This is another great video that is worth watching if you would like to go deeper in UX.

18. User-Centered Design 101

In this great video, Frank Spiller is explaining the differences between usability and user-centered design, which is a source of confusion for many on of us.

19. Intro to User Experience Design: Rethinking the Design Process

Another great video that will be very useful and informative for new people in this field is this one. It;s a great introduction to user experience design.

20. The Mint.com Experience

After watching this video, you will understand why it’s so important to align UX with your business goals. Here, the speaker illustrates the user experience of Mint and shows the ways how company created interest among people.

21. Mobile User Experiences

Here the speaker talks about the mobile UX and tells that technology takes us apart from the real life. She says that it’s important to limit the time we use technology.

22. Tap Is the New Click

In this video you will see how the touch technology was introduced, which is its impact and how you should act in order to fulfill people’s needs.

23. Kerry Bodine, “From User Experience to Customer Experience”

Another great video that is introduced by Kerry Bodine, tells us how we should act in order to create customer experience out of user experience. Here, you will understand that everything starts with good UX.

24. 10/GUI

This is a great video, that illustrates current mouse-driven interfaces and their limitations. Though keyboards and mouses were great, we should create something new.

25. The Least You Can Do About Usability

The objective of the speaker in this speech is convincing people to test their own usability. He encourages developers to do their own testing by introducing several ways of doing so.

26. AJAX Usability

This is a great talk about AJAX usability. Here you will understand what it really is, its basics and the ways of designing AJAX apps for people.

27.  Jason Fried of 37signals Speaking at Business of Software 2008

Here, the speaker talks about his thoughts and experience from 37 Signals. This speech is really very interesting, because it contradicts with the widely spread opinions.

28. Sketching User Experiences

This is another speech, that tells us about the importance of design and UX.

29. Interview With Don Norman on UX Week 2008

In this interview, Don Norman answers different questions and tells his opinion about different aspects of design.

30. The ROI of User Experience with Dr. Susan Weinschenk

The last video I want to mention is the speech of Dr. Susan Weinschenk, who speaks about the ROI of user experience.

So, here are the 30 user experience videos, that you MUST see in order to be a good professionals. Are there any other videos not mentioned in our list? Please share them with us!

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