Pros and Cons of Flat Design

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Nowadays, design is something that is much more than just the look of an app or another project. It is all about the usage and functions. We know that in the current design world, this design is considered to be the most used one and it’s a trend. However  the opinions about this design vary from one designer to another. So, today I am going to introduce some advantages and disadvantages of this design.


It’s a trend


Pro: As I have already noted, flat design is the hottest trend nowadays. Those pages, applications that use flat design are on the top. Flat design gained the attention of many graphic designers during a short period of time.

Con: On the other hand, you can’t exactly determine how long things are going to be the same. Due to the fastest growing technology, updates and new things always come and it’s a question how long will be here this trend.


Simpler Interface


Pro: One of the advantages of flat design is  that for users it’s much easier to use. Here, you can see all elements near each other, which makes it more comfortable for users to use the app or the system. The links also are in flat buttons and sometimes there are arrows in them.

Con: However, because there is no definition of these icons, it is sometimes not that easy for people to understand which ones are for what. For example,  with the arrival of Windows 8, it took a long time from users to get acquainted with the new system and to determine how the things are done here.


Bright Colors


Pro: We all know that brighter the colors, higher our mood. Flat design looks happier than other designs, because the bright colors used in them are attractive and have positive tone in them.

Con: It can be hard for designers to match the colors. More colors there are in a design, more difficult it becomes to select the perfect ones, that will go hand in hand.




Pro: Because flat design is simpler, it is of the utmost importance to select the correct typography and focus on the style of fonts. In flat design, it is more appropriate to use simple fonts instead of decorative ones.

Con: The wrong typography can ruin the whole design, because in flat design everything is connected to each other.




Pro: The most important thing that makes flat design so attractive and interesting is the clean design. The simplicity is the first thing we can see in flat design, because all the icons, elements, lines, colors and fonts are very simple.

Con: Though simplicity is one of the trends now in design, flat design is usually considered to be too simple by some experts. They say that it is too hard to send complicated visual messages in this design.


So, here are the main pros and cons of flat design. Do you use flat design in your project? What are the main pros and cons of flat design for you? Share your experience and thoughts with us in the comments below.


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