10 Most Recent Android L Apps Which Already Use Material Design

Material design is a new type of design for Android L, which takes the Android experience to the next level. The characteristics of material design are the simplicity, easiness to you, cleanliness and brightness. Even the simplest apps will look awesome, when created according to the guidelines of material design. So, app developers and designers have already started updating their apps according to this new design. Here are the best 10 Android L apps that already use material design.


 1. Narrate



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

This is a note taking app, using material design that gives you the opportunity to take any kind of notes during your day. It has tagging options, so searching for the notes is more than easy. In addition, you can set a password on your notes for the security. Another great thing about this app is that there are syncing options, for example you can sync your notes with Dropbox.


2. Local Cast



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

This is one of the first apps that used material design. It is a great app that streams files, pictures, music or video from one device to another.


3. Textra



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

Textra is considered to be one of the best SMS apps for Android users. Though, it always stood out with its design, now that it had an update according to material design, it is better than before. It is a free app that is very bright, light and easy to use.


4. Wally



Photo credit: www.app4smart.com

Another app that was one of the first ones to apply material design is Wally. It is a database of many types of wallpaper, which are categorized according to their styles and colors. However, the great thing is that this app achieves material design without the update of Android 5.0 Lollipop.


5. LocalCast



Photo credit: www.anexom.es

This is an awesome app, that helps you to stream your files from your portable device to Chromecast connected TV. It gives you the chance you not only transfer films, images and videos but also PDF files, which makes the app more productive.


6. Turbo editor



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

This app is an awesome example of how simplest app can be changed into a work of art when using material design.  This is a text editor app for writing codes and it is a kind of app where interface is not put in the first place. However, with material design, now it is more pleasant to work with it.


7. Google+



Photo credit: www.forum.xda-developers.com

It is not a surprise that Google+ app is among those who are using material design. In addition, its photo app got some improvements as well with the arrival of material design.


8. Calc+



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

This is an awesome calculator app, that was made to best suit the users’ expectation. It has changeable fonts, so users can select the best one for them. Besides this, it has a great function of taking notes. So, now while calculating some numbers, there is no need to look for a pen and paper, you can write your calculations in the notes of the app.


 9. Month



Photo credit: www.androidtipsandhacks.com

This is the best calendar app that uses material design and has a full screen widget. So, this is an app that is both beautiful and very useful.


10. Flip



Photo credit: www.whatisandroid.us

Flip is a currency converter app that uses material design to its best. You can use this app while abroad, for example if you need to compare the prices of that country to those of yours. Who knew that currency converter app could be so beautiful.


So, here are the best 10 Android L apps that have started using material design. What do you think of material design? Do you like it or do you think that it’s not so useful and attracting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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