Which Color is Right for Your Mobile App Icon

Mobile app icon color is of the utmost importance for any brand, because it is the first thing that is noticed when people look at the app. So, it can be said that the color is the face of any app. A lot of questions should be taken into account while deciding on the design of the icon, for example who are the users of the app, what are the characteristics of that app, which is the class of an app and so on.

So, like companies that are known by the colors they use in their branding, apps can also be determined by their colors. However, while deciding on which color to choose, it is necessary to not only take into consideration the meaning of that color, but also to take a look at the other companies who use that color as their brand image.

So, what is the most suitable color for the new app icon? There is no certain response to this question, however the examples and the meanings of colors mentioned above can guide your decision.


1. Blue



Photo credit: 9to5mac.com

Blue is considered to be the most popular and most used color in the whole world, and that is why it is so widely used in apps as well. Really, if you look at the apps in your phone, you can see that a huge part of them are in blue. Blue is an international color, which is used to highlight the product’s strength and trust. The apps that are in blue colors include Facebook, Shazam, Skype and so on.


2. Red


If your app is going to be for young generation, who are full of energy, it is better to choose the red color, because it is associated with excitement, energy and youth. The famous apps that are in red color are Nike, Youtube, Music app from iPhone and so on.


3. Orange



Photo credit: congnghe5giay.com

If you are tired of widely-spread apps in blue or red colors and you want to create an app that will stand out but in the same time will have an energetic color, you should choose the orange color. This color is a friendly and cheerful color, that is becoming one of the trends this year. Famous apps in orange colors are for example Soundcloud or Skypath.


4. Yellow



Photo credit: itunes.apple.com

As orange, yellow is becoming a trend as well. The brightness of this color provides the users with warm and optimistic atmosphere. Among the famous companies that use yellow are DHL or Sprint.


5. Green



Photo credit: yuma-z.com

Green color is mainly used by 2 categories of apps. The first one are those, who offer some financial services, as we know that green is mainly associated with money. In the second category there are included some apps that promote green going and natural sustainability. A great example of green icon is the one of Long Weekend.

These are the main colors that nowadays are widely used in many app designs. However, before choosing the best color for your app, you should take into account many factors and adjust the color to the purpose and brand-image of your app. The icons that you create should communicate with the users, in order to attract them.

So, which colors do you use in your company’s app icon design? Do they convey the message in the right way? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below.


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