How the custom icons used in your website’s UI design will multiply your lead conversions


Custom icons are very important when it comes to the success of your website. Nowadays, there are many things that programmers and designers do in order to make their website unique and make it stand out from the crowd. However, they forget that icons, especially custom icons, are one of the most important parts of any website’s UI design, that helps to increase the lead conversions.


Unfortunately, it is worth mentioning that custom icons are usually ignored when building the website. However, keep in your mind that one of the greatest and most effective ways to attract users’ attention is to create unique user experiences with the help of custom icons. The reason is that communication with your users and leads depends on the design of your website. It does not really matter how important and attractive is the information on your website that you are sharing, if the design of your website does not attract people at first sight. The reason is that when visiting website, people first of all look for visually interesting content like icons, pictures and so on. And after making sure that the website can serve their needs, they go on reading the articles. The best way to make people sure that this website has something to offer them is custom icons. These icons are simple, but at the same time powerful ways to catch users attention to the main parts of your website and to increase the lead conversions. The main purpose of using custom icons in your website’s UI design is to help users catch the most important information that you provide. However, you should keep in your mind that icons should be used in right places in order to be attractive instead of distractive. Using custom icons will help you enrich the minimal content by giving it more substance and by enabling great communication with your clients without more text.


Custom icons, which are a great source to increase lead conversions, have a great importance in web 2.0 web design. Nowadays, people prefer to see rather than to read. It means that they don’t want to read all the descriptions of what your company is doing, but they want to understand everything at first sight. This is where custom icons are widely used in order to multiply your lead conversions.

For example, imagine that your company is launching a new product or a new service and you want to tell this about your clients. Instead of putting a long text, which will not interest anyone, you can just build a custom icons and put it on your homepage, which will catch everyone’s attention, making them click on it and leading them to the other page of your new product or service.


Now, after speaking about the importance of custom icons in your website’s UI design, I am more than sure that you would like to know about a source, which will provide you with custom icons. So, all you need is IconsMind. It is a great source for you to find any icon that you want. There are both free and paid icons in IconsMind, and you can find many original icons in different categories. The main reasons why you should use the custom icon packs from Icons Mind are:

  • There are about 4172 icons in 53 different categories which are ready to use in different platforms, such as websites, IOS or Android
  • There are 5 different formats and 4 web fonts available
  • There are 7 sizes of icons you can download
  • The icons are pixel perfect, as all of them are based on grid system
  • There are 2 different style icons: line and filled-in


There are also many benefits that IconsMind offers, such as:

  • You can use the icons as many times as you want, because there is no limit for usage
  • You can use them in any project that you want, both personal and commercial
  • You can create as many things as you want with the help of these icons
  • Print icons in any size you want and how much you want
  • Have unique and original icons, as the custom icons of Icons Mind are not alike to others.


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So, here you have the reasons why custom icons can multiply your lead conversions and the main source where you can find great custom icons. Do you have anything to add? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below.


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