5 reasons big shareware companies need to integrate custom icons in their libraries



Icons have always been one of the most important parts in every website, application or software. The reason is that icons are able to lead people to take certain actions. Nowadays, it is very trendy among websites to use custom icons in their libraries. For example, big companies like wix.com and booking.com order custom icons from iconsmind.com to integrate it in their libraries and give access to their users. Today we are going to introduce you 5 reasons why big shareware companies need to integrate custom icons in their libraries.

1. Simplicity

One of the primary reasons for having custom icons in libraries is that it will be simpler for users to understand what they can do and what they can’t. By buying custom icons, you will have simpler website and will respond to your users’ needs better.

2. Better UX

In order to find free icons, users spend too much time. However, if you buy custom icons for your users, there will be no more need for them to search the web and they will directly come to your website.

3. Increasing the usability

If you offer your users the custom icons in your library, you will definitely increase the usability of your website. The reason is that besides entering your website for various purposes, users will also use it as a source of downloading custom icons, which will certainly increase your ratings.

4. Decrease constraints

The reason why IconsMind created those custom icons is that there are many users who complain, just because they cannot find icons, which they can use without any constraints or rights violation. Constraints can be number of times users can use the icons, amount of time users have the license or number of times they can use these icons in their projects.

5. Originality

Another reason why you should by IconsMind custom icons is that in this case you will offer something original. There are many websites which offer the same free icons and which are very standard. We all know that people want originality, so you can offer that to your users by having IconsMind custom icons in your libraries.

We have already talked about the main reasons why big companies need to integrate custom icons in their libraries and it is the right time to talk about the benefits that IconsMind can give you if you buy their custom icons.

Speaking about the formats of icons, it is worth mentioning that icons are available in 5 different formats and 3 web fonts: SVG, EPS+AI, SKETCH, PSD+CSH, PNG, EOT, TTF, WOFF. There are 7 different sizes of icons that you can use: 24px, 30px, 48px, 60px, 90px, 96px and 120px.

So, if you choose to buy custom icons from IconsMind, here are the benefits you will get:

  • 4150 icons in 53 different categories, which are designed to use in iOS, Android and websites
  • Different types of formats
  • Various sizes of icons
  • Pixel perfect icons, as all of them are based on grid system
  • 3 different web fonts
  • 2 different icon styles: line and filled-in
  • About 1000 flat icons

It is also worth mentioning that each custom package contains lots of materials, which will help you avoid long hours of searching the web, constraints or money losses. So:

  • You will have the opportunity to use icons as many times as you want, because there is no limit for usage and users are free to do whatever they want to do with the icons and use in multiple projects
  • You can use them both in personal and commercial projects. We know that there are icons that are not allowed to use either in personal or in commercial projects. However, the icons of IconsMind can be used for both purposes
  • Create as many products as you want with the help of these amazing icons
  • Print icons in every size that you want and how much you want
  • Have original icons, as all of the icons of IconsMind are different and are not alike to others

Thus, here are the main benefits that you can get from custom icons and top 5 reasons why you, as a big company, should use custom icons in your libraries. Do you have any questions, concerns or something to add? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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