iOS 8 Native Apps vs Hybrid Mobile Apps


We all love smartphones, because they make our lives much easier. We can do almost everything with our smartphones, for example check mails, check social media sites, listen to the music, watch videos, play games and other activities. So, if you want to develop a great app to enter the huge market, first of all you need to decide which type of app you want to design – native or hybrid. Today we will tell you about each of them, which will help you understand which one you should use.

Native apps
First of all, you should understand that in native apps, native language of the platforms are used – Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. One of the benefits of these apps is their great performance. These applications are compiled to machine code, which is the main reason why they have such a great performance. When I say great performance, I mean that there are very fast and high quality animations, access to smartphone’s hardware, touch support and so on.

However, besides its huge advantages, you should always take into account the fact, that developing native apps is not so easy, it’s rather difficult. Though the amount of resources available, they are sometimes not understandable to everyone.

Hybrid apps
Hybrid apps are web apps in native browsers, for example UWebView for iOS. These type of apps are developed with the help of HTML, Javacscript and by using platforms such as Cordova. The benefit of hybrid apps is that you can whichever web framework that you want. Unlike native apps, you can easily develop hybrid apps in a faster and simpler way. There is an opportunity for you to change the platform whenever you want. In addition, Cordola allows you building the app for many platforms just by adding line of code.
However, one of the disadvantages of hybrid apps is that they are widely depending on native browsers, which means that these apps are not as fast as native ones and don’t have such a great performance.

So, these are the main things, main advantages and disadvantages of native and hybrid mobile apps, that you should take into account before deciding on which one you want to use. Do you have any concerns or questions? Don’t hesitate and share them with us in the comments below.

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