Nexus 6 Running Android L With New Status Bar Icons and Navigation Keys

Due to countless leaks striking the Web recently, we can conclude that the new smartphone of Nexus already exists and that Google also prepares for the official launch of the smartphone very soon.

Previously there were also some leaks, but those ones only showed device’s front side or those photos were of very bad quality. However now, some other pictures of Nexus 6 photos  are available, from which we can see the front panel of the new smartphone as well.


Though in the picture represented above Nexus 6 has a cover on it and we cannot say anything about the edges of the device, we are able to see that the volume and power buttons are somewhere in the middle, so it is realistic to assume that this smartphone has a larger screen.

Another noteworthy feature about Nexus 6 is that, besides that it is running Android L with new app user interfaces and fresh navigation keys, it will offer new status bar icons as well. As an example, there is an icon like a heart near the Wi-Fi icon, which can mean something like notification from an app. Some other status bar icons and navigation keys were discovered by Myce. Thanks to this site, some changes can be noticed in the photo below. By looking at it carefully, one can see new Android icons what wasn’t met in any other Android versions.



In the top of the photo, there are updated Wi-Fi icon and an icon of small clock. In the bottom of the photo, we can see that the navigation buttons are in the same shapes, but they are smaller and have a better design.

These new little changes help Android to look fresh and more modern. However, an important thing worth mentioning is that as Android L icons are flat, it is going to be a big competitor for iOS 8. So, be prepared for the war between them.

Are you already impatient seeing new Nexus 6? It is expected to be launched between the middle of October and early November.


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