10 Amazing Apps For Getting The Most Out Of iOS 8

iOS 8 is considered to be Apple’s major overhaul to their operating system. However, at first glance, many of iOS 8’s changes are not easily noticeable after updating the software. That’s because some of the basic differences, for instance third-party keywords or other features, are made to give developers much more flexibility to optimize each application for the new tools.
From the cutting-edge mobile games to gaining access to favorite apps with one swipe, undoubtedly, iOS 8 introduced the beginning of new era for apps. Here are 10 amazing apps you can use to totally understand the advantages of iOS 8.


1. Lifesum


Lifesum is the best app for those, who want to track their lifestyle choices. The app gives you the chance to track what you eat due to its built-in barcode scanner and search feature. Due to iOS 8, this app can import your exercise information from Apple’s “Health” application. In addition, you can see your daily progress in the notification center.

Price: Free


 2. Post-it Plus

post it plus

Though the technology has developed a lot for the last couple of years and nowadays it’s more than easy to write everything on your laptop or smartphone, there are still people who like to work on paper. Post-it Plus turns paper notes into virtual ones. With this app you can take a picture of up to 50 post-its and the app will turn them into virtual ones, which you can organize, share or change in the ways you like.

Price: Free


3. iMovie


Apple’s iMovie app is the best way for editing videos on your iPhone. With this app, you can edit the whole film and add many effects. With new iOS 8, now you are able to add filters, animated titles or soundtracks to any video you like.

Price: $4.99


4.  Swype



With iOS 8, you can try out the new way of typing with Swype. This app has always been advanced on Android, but now you can enjoy the new style of texting on iOS as well, which lets you use swiping gesture instead of taps to write texts.

Price: $0.99


5. PopKey



 6. Pocket


This app gives you the chance to save articles, videos, photos and other links to view later, no matter you have internet connection or no. In iOS 8 Pocket has a new Safari extension, which lets you save things directly from Safari, so you can save anything you want and go on browsing without entering the app. In addition, when you use Pocket, you can share the things you like to other apps like Twitter and Evernote.

Price: Free


7. Evernote


Whether you write texts, collect photos, make a list or scan business cards, Evernote is the right app to collect your notes and thoughts in one easy-to-access platform and to sync them across all devices. Moreover, new iOS 8 lets you creating notes just from Notification Center and saving content to Evernote from iPhone’s share menu.

Price: Free


 8. MailTime


Sometimes e-mails can be very difficult to read, boring, too lengthy or there can be a million of people mentioned in the cc or bcc. MailTime helps you to keep your emails conversations as simple as it possible. It alerts you about how many people are notified and whether it’s lengthy or not.

Price: Free


 9. Instapaper


Instapaper is an easy way of saving and storing articles for reading, no matter when or where. Instapaper has its own extension of iOS 8 as well, that lets users to save content to their account from any other application. One of the new features is also “Today” extension that shows all the things you save during that day within the notification center on your device.

Price: Free


  10. Mint


This app collects all your finance accounts and investments in one place, so you can calculate your spending, create a budget, receive payment reminders and save money. Thanks to iOS 8 this app has an extra layer of security with support for Apple Touch ID.

Price: Free


So here are 10 wonderful apps, which you should use to evaluate new iOS 8’s advantages. Do you have other apps in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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