Top 5 Resources for Designers to Fully Master Design Tool Sketch

Nowadays, there exist many designing tools which help designers to achieve their expected results in a very short time. In order to be a good designer, it’s important to master many tools and “Sketch” tool is not an exception as well. So, do you want to start using this tool, but you don’t know where to start? Here are top 5 resources for you to fully master design tool “Sketch”.


1. Sketchmine



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Sketchmine is one of the best resources which provides you with many templates, which you can start using. Here,  you can get some motivation and as well as study how the other designers work. Before starting to make your own versions,  you can start by already available templates, which are designed for apps, web pages, forms and icon. In this website, new templates are regularly uploaded and if you want, you can also upload your own ones.


2. Brilliant Sketch



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In this awesome website you can find a lot of graphics, icons, templates and so on. In addition, here you can find some tutorials and tips in order to deepen your knowledge of using “Sketch” tool. However, if you don’t want to get deep in this field, there are some free templates for you to download. Moreover, if you want to access the latest information, you can subscribe via email.


3. Sketch App Sources



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This is a great collection, where designers offer their free design resources, which can help you a lot. There are many icons, templates, apps, plugins gathered in the collections. Moreover, along with these free resources, there are also some tips and tutorials, tricks, which will help you a lot. In addition, if you have something to share with others, you have the chance to upload your own resources.


4. Sketch Tips



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Though you can find many tips in the resources mentioned above, this website was originally created to help designers to learn about “Sketch” tool. Here, you can find as many tips, tricks and advice as you want, in order to strengthen your knowledge and experience. There are some tips related to template making, grouping, zooming, measurements and so on. In addition, you can always find something new and useful, as these tools are updated every week.


5. Sketch Resources



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If you are still a beginner, this resource is just for you, as Sketch Resources offer useful information for the beginners. Here, each resource is accompanied with a video-tutorial, which makes it easy to understand how things work. There are many resources related to designing elements, media players or interfaces.

So, here are the best 5 resources, which will definitely help you to get advanced in this field. Do you have other resources in your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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