The Web Designers Guide To Social Media

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Because of the huge quantity of social media platforms available, sometimes it is too hard to be focused or to take the advantages of these networks. Social media has entered in our lives and probably will not ever leave. Like everyone, web designers can also use these powerful networks for their own purposes. So, are you a web designer and don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide for you to social media.


Why social media usage needed?


Sometimes, people think that it is possible to develop a good business without social media, but I can surely say that it’s not. The reason is that social media has many advantages and benefits which can help you a lot no matter you are a web designer, photographer, businessman or lawyer. So, the main benefits of social media are:

Endless resources: There are many resources that can help you a lot in your designing projects. For example you can see other designers work, what are their main tips and have an access to everything you want. In addition, you can also provide your own resources to others and the interested ones will become your followers.

Network and relationship: As I have already mentioned, by using social media you can find other professionals in your field. For example, as a web designer you can find other designers and establish relationship with them and share your experiences with each other.

Sales: By attracting some people which are interested in your field, you can make some sales. For example, it is possible that some people after seeing your works will contact with you and ask for some services and that’s where the business starts in social media.


What are the best networks for web designers?


So, after taking a glance at advantages of social media, do you already want to use it? Here are the best social media networks for web designers.




Dribbble is made just for you, just for web designers! Dribble is a platform where many designers, no matter in which field they are concentrated, like web, interior design or app design, share their works, processes and projects.So, it is the best website for designers to get inspiration.




Twitter is probably the best netowrk where you can access the latest news of all over the world. Here, you can learn some new things, follow some inspirational and professional people and share your own experience and ideas. For example, as a web designer, you can find the most popular and successful web designers all over the world and interact with them.




This is a network of limitless discoveries. Every time that you click at a pin, a discovery of something new opens for you. It has more than 75 million users and it is mostly used to increase one’s creativity, discover new trends and tips in one’s field of working and get inspiration.




Facebook is probably the best places when it is time for business and customer interaction. If you have already got inspiration and experience from the previous networks, it is right time to sign up in Facebook and make some business. With more than one billion users, it is not a doubt that you will definitely find some people interested in your field.


So, here is the main guide for web designers to social media. Are there any resources and networks that are not mentioned above and are useful as well ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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