15 Amazing Apps You Should Have On Valentine’s Day


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Can you guess what will we get if we mix together red and white colors, romance, flowers and cookies? Yes you are right! We will get the Valentine’s day. The most romantic holiday of the year is already a few days from now and there are hundreds of way you can prepare for it. It does not really matter whether you have a loved one or you are single, we put together amazing 15 apps that will make your day brighter.


1. Open Table

The main activity for couples on Valentine’s day is going to restaurant or cafe to celebrate the magic day. The problem is that it is really difficult to find a place where you can sit, because all cafes are full. However, with Open Table there is nothing to worry about, as it helps you do reservations and pass your day in a great way.


2. Couple

Couple is a great app, where you can share romantic photos, links, personalized calendars, music with your partner. So, instead of making nervous all the singles on social media sites, just post this stuff on Couple.


3. Valentine’s Wallpapers

If you want to have that romantic mood the whole day, you can download this app and put some beautiful and cute wallpapers on your phone. There are many great choices to choose from, which all are in HD quality.


4. Valentine – Making Cute Gift

If you want to congratulate your loved one in a creative way, just download this app. With it, you can send some great images, stickers and add messages, in order to show him/her how much you love.


5. 30 Day Relationship Challenge

This is a great Android app, which lets you stay romantic not only on the Valentine’s day, but for the whole month. This app challenges couples to do romantic and sweet things 30 days in a row. This is a great app, which will definitely make your relationship stronger and much more interesting.


6. Date Escape

Are you dating someone for the first time on the Valentine’s day? However instead of imaginary romantic date you has an awful one? This app will come to help you! Instead of texting your friends, asking them to call, so you can easily escape, you can use this app, as it sends fake calls and messages, which you can use as a reason to leave.


7. Valentine Funny Jokes

If you love creativity and tired of sending the same romantic messages to your partner, here is an alternative option for you. This app offers you many romantic jokes, which you can send your lover to make him/her laugh and feel special.


8. Flixster

One of the main activities on Valentine’s day is going to cinemas, theaters or concerts. With Flixster, you can find all the available movies, trailers, reviews and decide where you should take your loved one.


9. Disney Where’s My Valentine?

Are you a game lover and you don’t imagine a day without playing? There is a great game for you to play on Valentine. Where’s my Valentine is a similar game to Where’s my Water and Where’s my Perry. The characters are the same and you will be surely put in Valentine mood.


10. Creative Romantic Ideas

If you want to be creative on this special day, don’t hesitate and download this app. There are many awesome ideas for you to prepare a surprise and to get some motivation. There are many ideas in different categories.


11. iFlirt

If you are a little bit nervous of dating and you need some advice, then this app is for you. It includes some tips, advices for a perfect date.


12. The Photo Cookbook – Baking

There is no Valentine with cookies, especially if your loved one adores dessert. So, go on and cook some cakes, cookies, breads for your partner. In this app, there are many recipes and creative ideas for you, that will make your work easier and much interesting.


13. OkCupid

Don’t you have a special one to celebrate this day? Download this dating app, and meet new people and chat with them as long as you want. This is the highest rated dating app, and who knows, maybe you will find your ideal partner in this app.


14. Avocado

This is a great messaging app, that lets you stay in touch with your lover. There are many options for you in this app, like sending great photos, stickers, drawing pictures or creating list of great romantic ideas.


15. Gravy

Are you in a mood of celebrating the romantic day, however you don’t know where to go? This app is here to help you. Here are some fun ideas for you to do in your area. Just put the mood you have, like “Classy”, “Romantic” and there will be a list of events for you.


So, here are some great 15 apps for you, that will make your day much more romantic, interesting and creative. Are there any other great apps not mentioned here? Please share them with us in the comments below.


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